When my friend invited me to spend the night over at her place, I could have never imagined what she had in mind. She insisted it will be just a girl’s night, but little would I know this won’t be our usual gathering, especially when her handsome fiancé walked into the living room. Besides, I never knew about my friends sexy cuckold fantasy!

Unexpected proposal

The night started with laughs and high school memories escalating to new boyfriends and hook-ups and to the craziest places we’ve ever had sex before. We emptied our wine glasses when my friend’s fiancé stepped into the living room and joined us on the blue couch. I have met him a couple of times before and each time I couldn’t help but stare longingly at his defined muscles, fantasizing about all the things I want him to do to me. He smiles at me and my friend makes a toast for a night to remember; we empty one more wine glass together before she puts the glass on the table and looks at me.

Her expression changes and she leans forward, her dark gaze eyes my body up and down before she finally speaks up. My body actions before my mind to her words and I nod, accepting her proposal to let her fiancé fuck me right in front of her; without realizing at first, I was going to satisfy my friends sexy cuckold fantasy.

Hidden desires

He approaches me on the couch with his clothes already on the floor as I was removing my dress. He pushes me headfirst against the leather, making my ass stick out in the air. His fingers ghosted over my hips before throwing my expensive underwear on the floor. My friend is watching us from the other side of the room, rubbing her thighs together in anticipation.

“I always wanted to fuck you,” her fiancé says. His words are enough to make me wet. I just found out about my friends sexy cuckold fantasy, hearing he wanted it just as bad made me damper. He drags two fingers over my slit, covering them in my own juices. I look back seeing him position himself at my entrance. Soon my loud moans fill their living room when he starts fucking me from behind. 

Nights like these

His fingers leave red marks on my hips as he holds me in place. I hear him turn towards my friend and ask her if she likes what she says. She tells him to fuck me faster, and he does so by holding my hands behind and ramming into me without mercy. I never realized my friends sexy cuckold fantasy was so extreme! I whine and my head falls into a pillow; to the side, I can see the image of my friend moaning as well and pleasuring herself with a vibrator as she watches the scene unfold.

Her fiancé turns me around and he places his thumb inside my mouth, letting me suck on it. My legs wrap around his waist, allowing him a better and deeper entrance. I feel him thrust his cock into my aching pussy again. His other hand grabs my boobs and he squeezes. Hard. I can feel my back arching and another wave of moans leave my mouth.  

My friends sexy cuckold fantasy ending with some girl-on-girl?!?!

I held his arm when I noticed his movements getting a little sloppier. He took his cock out and stroked it right in front of my pussy while I was begging for more. My friend watches from the side, licking her lips when her fiancé groans. His cum shoots out of the swollen tip and paints my pussy, my abdomen, and my boobs white. I was mixed with confusion and anger as my pussy craved more. I never expected her to come to clean up the mess, sending me to climax while he watched this time.

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