Your sexual fantasies are just about to come true. Well, there is only one thing standing in the way: you. Yes, you read right. You.  When it comes to having your first submissive cuck, you just gotta go for it! No one is going to cuck you until you are ready.

The Right Couple For The Right Job

You don’t have to pretend that many dirty thoughts don’t revolve around your head multiple times every day. I know that you’re tired of having vanilla sex with your woman. I know that you want to explore some raunchier sex so bad, run with your desires, and see where they lead. Are you too scared to venture into the unknown?

Well, unlike you, Jason had no such fear. When he came to me on a Friday night, he knew just what he wanted and wasn’t ashamed to make his demands. You see, there’s something about bold men that gets me every single time. Don’t get me wrong now. Shy ones also have a place in my heart, you know that.  

Not The Cuck I Expected, But A Cuck Non-The-Less

There just was something about Jason’s boldness. Oh, I guess I forgot to mention that Jason had company, hinting at my first submissive cuck being thrown on me. He had come over with his sexy slut. With just one demand: I let him fuck me in front of her. 

Obviously, he had a thing for cuckolding. My bed squeaked beneath my body when he tossed me into it and spread my legs to invade my tight opening. I have been deep-dicked more times than you have fucked yourself to orgasm, yet my pussy is just as tight as it used to be years ago when I was a virtuous teen. That, undoubtedly, is one of the things that keep men coming back to fuck me all over again. 

Fuck Me In Front Of Her!

Jason cried delightfully as he entered me. His cock was hard and stiff, tearing me apart with a viciousness, which for a moment, was too much for me to bear. My first submissive cuck fucking me harder than I thought, I could feel her eyes watching. I’m not gonna lie; his endowment knocked me out of breath. But it only took a moment for me to breathe again, and when I did, I thrust up to meet him with just as much intensity. He gripped the headboard of the bed for support, but soon let go of it when he found that no furniture could support him the way my sexy body would. His eyes were completely fixed on his wife, and that was sexy all on its own. It was almost like he was ignoring parts of me, just to study his wife’s face.

Our bodies slipped back and forth as we kept grinding each other. Well, that was expected, considering that we were dripping with sweat. Jason had requested that I turn off the air conditioner. He obviously had a thing with sweaty lovemaking, and well…it did make my moment with him even more intimate. I mean, his sweat was all over me, slowly spreading across my skin. The thought crossed my mind at this point that all this work he is putting in is for his wife. He is going to cum in my pussy, thinking of her.

My First Submissive Cuck Setting In

This is the moment the kink hit me, the moment I looked into her eyes as he was. Watching her wide-eyed, just observing. I couldn’t fix her expression, but it was almost as if she was watching a movie. I could tell it was turning her on slowly, and I couldn’t help but think about the situation. Her husband is fucking me, sweaty, deep, hard… She is watching him lean into me with every thrust inside. I moan louder, showing her how much her husband’s cock is satisfying me.  I lust louder and her mouth slightly opens in response. She loves this just as much as I.

I love it. It’s almost like I’m showing her how to take her own man’s cock.  When you finally open up, call me for some sweaty cuckold phone sex! Let’s see what we can come up with.

Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke