My Friend Finally Exacted a Sensual Torture Orgasm Afternoon With No End in Sight!

I’m so tired after experiencing the hottest sensual torture orgasm.  So, you’re probably wondering how all of those words could ever be classified together, let alone be so much fun that I’m still feeling its wonderful results.

Is it okay when a neighbor blackmails wife or if a neighbor teases them so bad they have to do something about it?  I think both of those situations are so damn hot.  So, luckily both of these stories ended up working out.

I’m thinking maybe I brought on this sensual torture orgasm revenge!

Perhaps there is some truth to why these events happened, right?  It probably didn’t help so much I used to tease my neighbor constantly when I was in college.  I’d visit with my parents at the home I grew up in.  First, it started with the tight shirts that hugged my firm boobs.  Then I moved to tight-ass hugging shorts that showed off my lean sexy legs.

I could tell when I bent over, he’d become distracted so much his wife would scold him.  To be honest, I did it because his wife would get so jealous.  However, sometimes I’d feel a bit sorry for him because I knew he’d get yelled at, but knew it made him very hard.

I could see the hard bulge stiffen under his trousers.  Once I looked over and saw him adjusting and rubbing his cock slightly.  I smiled knowing he’d never do anything about it, or so I thought.

I think he finally had enough and sought revenge!

So one day when I was visiting my parents, I decided to take the afternoon to do some work around my parent’s yard and maybe find my neighbor and tease the heck out of him.  He was looking over the fence at me and decided to make conversation about how beautiful I looked that day.

This of course made me stop my work and I came over to talk with him.  I was wearing my new tight shorts, a thong, and a pink tank top.  He asked me if I’d come over to help him with something.  I never anticipated that he had already planned on his sensual torture orgasm plan.

Once there, I was under his mercy.

First, we talked, and then we enjoyed some cool lemonade and ice cream.  I’m a sucker for cool ice cream.  We sat next to each other and talked.  Suddenly he reached over and started tickling me.  I’m so ticklish.  I dropped my ice cream and got it all over my tits.

I took my shirt off so he could wash it for me.  He came back and then it started.  He lightly touched my nipples.  They started getting so hard.  His mouth sucked my hard nips into his hungry lips.

He had no intention of letting me go home.

I begged to go home, but he was having none of it.  He explained for all of the teasing I did to him, he’d have his time to make me feel so good.  To be honest, I had wanted it for so long.  This was my dream come true.

My friend took me to his room where he licked and sucked every inch of my skin leaving my pussy for last.  By the time he bent down to lick my clit, my pussy was so wet.

It didn’t take long and I loved every moment.  However, the moment came when the feelings became a sensual torture orgasm session where he wouldn’t let up.  He would lick and finger fuck my pussy till I screamed for mercy.

He’d let up for a bit but then go back to doing it some more.  My friend had a thick cock which he expertly used on me.  He pounded me with no end in sight and I just came over and over.  So, he told me all of the wonderful sensual torture orgasm plans he had for the future with no end in sight.

What’s next?  So, I’d love to give you that sensual torture orgasm!  Call me for the hottest phone sex.

 Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke