My friend Katie has the hottest sibling sex stories I’ve ever heard!

My best friend always has the hottest sibling sex stories. I love when she tells me about how she and her stepbrother have been banging for months! My best friend, Katie, is wild. We were having drinks last night and she told me several of her sibling sex stories! Apparently, she and her stepbrother have been hooking up all the time and it’s the hottest thing that’s ever happened to her.

She told me a few times they’ve fucked, but this one made me super wet so I thought I’d share it with you!
Katie is in her mid-20’s. Her brother is in college and is home for the summer. Katie is living with her parents to save money to buy a condo next year. She comes home from work one day and finds her stepbrother, Cody, in her room – he is on her bed, with his dick out, a pair of her panties in his mouth!
Katie thought her first reaction would be to get super mad or creeped out. But Cody was super hot – he was a swimmer in college and had a tall, lean body. And his cock looked amazing. Fat and at least 9 inches. Katie didn’t know how long she had been standing in the doorway watching him jerk his dick, but she moaned as she slipped her hand into her panties and felt her slick cunt.

“Oh hey, sis – wanna help me out with something?”

Katie said that Cody fucked her until she came a few times and then she swallowed a giant load of his cum. He told her she was the best stepsister ever! I have masturbated twice today thinking about Katie’s sibling sex stories.
Call me soon and tell me about your sibling adventures or role play one with me! I don’t know why but incest phone sex makes me want to cum hard. Let’s do it together!

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