Last night over drinks, my girlfriends and I discussed the best sex positions.

I think that the best sex positions come down to a matter of personal choice and depend on who you’re with, but last night, after some sangria, my two girlfriends and I had a blast discussing our favorite ways to get fucked!
So, we all had different choices for our second favorite sex position, but all three of us agreed that doggy style is the king of fucking positions. What can I say? Being on my hands and knees with a big hard cock sliding in and out of my tight pussy. It’s the fucking best! Also, very occasionally, I like a big hard dick in my ass too. I cum so hard when my tight little asshole is getting pounded and I’m fingering my clit.

My second favorite position is the cowgirl. I like being on top and grinding this pussy on you.

Teasing you with my rhythm and thrusts and then taking all of your length deep in my wet hole and grinding my pussy on you. Cumming all over your cock when I’m on top like that. I also like it when you suck on my nipples or play with my tits while I’m riding your dick.

My friend Katie said that missionary is her second favorite because she likes all of the skin contact and how amazing her clit feels during a really deep fucking.
My other girlfriend Abby said she likes 69’ing. She’s super oral and loves sucking on a hard cock while he is burying his tongue deep in her cunt.
What about you? what’s your favorite position? You don’t have to choose just one!
The next time you’re thinking of things to say during phone sex, tell me your top 3 favorite positions. And why they’re your favorite.
I cannot wait to hear all about it!
PS- You’ll be hearing about my friend, Katie, a lot in my blogs. Read about her dirty step sister sex here!

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