My friend spent the weekend drinking hot cum.

Do you fancy drinking hot cum for your drink of choice? I do enjoy being a total slut once in a while. However, there is a limit as to how much I’ll consume and what form it’s in. For example, I’ll drink it straight from the hose, but I’m not sure if I would have done what Tia did.

My friend Tia is more of a frenemy. She’s the kind of girl who has always been a slut, even in the early days of high school. She was always going on dates with so many guys, it made me jealous. I didn’t understand how Tia got so many dates. However, soon her reputation as a slut got around to the whole school.

She took my crush!

Mark was so cute, smart, and had a heart of gold. He was the kind of guy you just knew was going to go places. I was so angry when she sunk her claws into him because she knew I had a thing for him.

I’ll never forget the day Tia and I were at a mall when we saw Mark coming out of a game store. He looked so surprised to see me and we started talking. Then Tia swooped in and that was the end of anything meaningful between me and Mark.

Soon, they were all the rage and they hung out together exclusively. I think Tia did this just to get make sure I didn’t have a chance. I don’t think she really liked him at all. Eventually, he could tell and he regretted his choice. Tia was quickly unsatisfied with him and began cheating.

Mark would talk to me about it at school and cry about how much she was hurting him. He actually really cared for her but was fed up and knew he had to end it. Tia tried to play it off that she wasn’t upset but she did not like the fact that someone ended things instead of her.

Did the break up stop Tia from being a slut? Not one bit! 

Now Tia had the weekend to go and do whatever she wanted with whoever she wanted without there being any consequence of discovery. Well, a slut is always a slut to me. Her newfound freedom and anger with Mark seemed to make her more horny than usual.

Of course, a slut can’t keep her mouth shut. She was very quick to catch up with me to tell me all the juicy details about her weekend and to rub it in my face.

Tia was known to have a cum fetish. She did anything in her power to be able to have cum pumped into her by any means possible. Drinking hot cum was actually her first beverage of choice!

If anyone suspected Tia would get into drinking hot cum over the weekend, they would have been surprised at how much cum she actually took in. So how did Tia do it?  She took out an ad to meet up with as many guys as humanly possible. She rented a room so that her mom would not discover what she was doing. After all, she intended to have a good time.

The guys started cumming in, literally. 

Once a new guy got to the hotel room, she would let him in and the fun would start. There were not too many pleasantries. She would pull his pants down and they would get to fucking or sucking immediately.

Tia had one condition, that she be allowed to consume the hot goodness by drinking hot cum down her slutty throat. Sometimes the guys were so excited, they couldn’t wait and they would cum in her pussy.

Once one guy would finish, the next guy would come in hard and ready to pound her pussy or throat. Tia bragged about how big some of the guys were, not little like Mark. I felt so bad for Mark. It wasn’t his fault that he was so little.

One, two, three… how about seven waiting in line. 

There were many more guys waiting outside talking in the hallways. They told all their friends there was a bitch who would fuck them for free. Tia enjoyed herself so much she quit her job and decided to charge for this instead. She didn’t mind taking up unsavory activities to pay for her trendy clothing and so much more.

There were many other things that took place, but that’s for another time. What happened to Mark? Let’s talk about it together.

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