You’ve been craving some french maid humiliation.

Don’t try to hide it from me! The truth is written all over your face. You’re craving a french maid humiliation session. We’ve been friends for a while now, why do you feel the need to lie? It’s hilarious watching you stumble all over yourself while we’re shopping for clothes. You claim to want to pick something out for your girlfriend but you don’t actually have one, do you? Invite her to join us for lunch so we can meet. Hmm, another excuse? That’s pretty convenient don’t you think? You’re looking just a little too excited handling these panties.

Lingerie excites you for a whole other reason, doesn’t it? You keep drifting back to the french maid outfits, trying to see what the biggest size is that they offer. Why is that? Are you hoping to squeeze into a short, frilly french maid’s uniform? I see now, you’re secretly craving a french maid humiliation session aren’t you? You know you don’t have to hire an escort to dress up for so she can laugh at you. I’m standing right here in front of you and I’m always ready for a good laugh.

Buy the french maid’s outfit and don’t forget the fishnet stockings, bright pink heels and matching pink lipstick. Run along to the bathroom. Time to get dressed now like a good sissy slut. Let’s see what you can do and what you’ve been longing to do for so very long now. Give me your best sashay and grab that feather duster while you’re at it. I invited a group of my girlfriends to enjoy the show. You don’t mind do you? Well, even if you do mind I don’t care! My enjoyment is all that matters now.

Stretch up high and let us see that skirt ride up to show your pink panties.

You big slut, not only are you wearing pink panties, you’re wearing a pink thong. You are taking to this all too easily, it’s coming so naturally for you. How long have you been fantasizing about french maid humiliation? Quite a while from the looks of it. Is that a tail poking out of your sissy ass right now? You bought that butt plug with the horsetail while we were at the store too didn’t you? Such a greedy little slut, you just couldn’t wait till you were all alone to try it out now, could you?

Since you’ve got a tail in you might as well crawl for us, slut. Get down on all fours and shake that ass, Sheila. That’s right, you’re all dressed up like a slut so you need a girly name to go along with that feminine outfit and makeup. You have a bit of a wet spot on those pink panties. Is your pathetic little clit dick hard? It’s so tiny that there’s no way to tell but I’m betting that it is.

It’s no wonder you want to dress up like a woman with a dick that little. Hold still so I can use you as a footstool. That’s right, kneel there on all fours while I prop my heeled feet onto your back and conversate with my friends. Of course, we’re laughing at you, who wouldn’t? You’re such a pathetic hilarious sight after all. Let’s see just how strong your back muscles are, they’re going to get a workout. We’re all going to take a turn at using you for our footstools. Hmm, once we’re done with that it’s time to move on to more complicated tasks.

Take that toothbrush, hold it in your mouth and scrub the floor with it slut.

No using your hands and if you don’t do a satisfactory job, it’s going to suck to be you. It’s time for your french maid humiliation to be taken up a notch. Crawl to the bathroom and clean the toilet bowl with that same toothbrush between your lips. Pray to whatever deity you believe in that I don’t decide to give you a nudge from behind with my stiletto. You know what happens next right? You tip forward and end up with a face full of toilet water.

I’m just getting warmed up. There are so many more humiliating tasks that I have in store for you. Brace yourself you bi curious craving bitch, you’ll probably be in tears by the time I’m done with you.

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