Free sex story and the return of my cyberstalker

Are you ready for my latest free sex story? Some of you may remember my cyberstalker whom had disappeared but now is back. He use to just blackmail me for cybersex or sex videos but now he’s got new demands. Tuesday I had a surprise delivery of a brand new dog but I just assumed it was from one of my boy toys. I should of known that couldn’t be the case as this wasn’t a cute and adorable puppy but a full grown dog. He’s been a cuddly thing and I have enjoyed his company. For a couple days I had no clue where he came from. My stalker dings my computer with a new message last night. His demands get bigger each time and this time it’s animal play.

As he described what I was wearing I knew he could see me. I was only wearing my white t-shirt that came just above my belly button and a pair of panties. My cyberstalker likes how I dress around my house. He tells me to get down by the dogs dick and suck it. I’m new to animal sex but I know better not to listen. I better follow the demands I thought to myself. I’m aware if I don’t follow his instructions he’ll follow through with his threats. This is obviously how blackmail works right? I do as I’m told and I suck that doggy dick but now he wants me to fuck it. My panties come down and when I bent over the the dg knew exactly what to do. The dog has to be a trained sex dog.

With his paws on my hips and back he humped me harder than any man has. The dog kept humping until his creamy load shot out inside me. My cyberstalker laughs in another message. Also sending me a recording of him peeping in y windows secretly recording. The blackmail he has on me just keeps piling up and I’m into deep now. Blackmail can happen to even the strongest of people. Read another free sex story or maybe satisfy your kink with adult chat. Have a blackmail scheme call me. Lets see what fetish rocks your cock.

Kinky Kelsey