My stalker returns to blackmail me for cybersex

I guess my mystery blackmail stalker is horny because he’s back this time it’s just cybersex but that doesn’t mean the demands are little. The last time I heard from my cyber stalker he forced me into anal fisting. I have done lots of anal play but that was my first time fisting my ass. After our last encounter I blocked him on messenger but now he’s using a new name. My messenger dings this time with a video of me fucking a married guy and he even has his wife’s phone number. I had no choice but to give into his demands. My messenger dings with the instructions to turn on my webcam. After turning on my webcam he gives me a list by list demand and I obey. The first thing on the list was to put on those new red panties and masturbate inside them.

I slide my hands inside my panties. Even though I didn’t want to I tried my best to pretend like I was masturbating for my lover. The messenger dings again and this time he’s giving me guided masturbation instructions. I begged him to leave me alone but when I started to beg his demands became large. He then demanded I grab my largest dildo and deep throat it. I gagged and my eyes watered but I still continued to beg him to stop. This begging only angered him and he forced me out of my red panties. My bare pussy is now exposed for his pleasure but this isn’t enough for him. I was forced to put my big large dildo I was sucking on inside me.

It hurt to shove that big dildo inside me all at once but I think he’s getting off on my pain. When the messenger dings again he demands I suction my dildo to the floor and ride it. I never use this dildo to masturbate with it’s actually a gag gift from my girlfriend but still my stalker forces me to use it on myself. After bouncing on the large dildo he tells me to take it out of me and I have a big sigh of relief until he tells me to shove it my ass. I do as told and turn around with my back facing him so he can see my ass take it. The stretching hurt the most but I guess cybersex was enough to get him off because the last ding read until next time.

Kinky Kelsey