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Free sex story : I woke to the sight of a beautiful Irish lass suckling my nipple, a Georgia peach eating my pussy, and a rocker chick sucking my Gentle Dom’s David’s dick. I have never experienced anything like my birthday celebration. 7 days and 8 nights of delight at David’s lake house here in Arkansas. My companions were…

Carrie is my Irish lass, a baby girl submissive, which is also a mosaicist. She is 24 yrs. old and all of 4’11 inches tall. Light brown hair that turns BRIGHT red in the slightest sunlight. Her skin is covered in a light dusting of dark tan freckles. Her eyes are hazel, a light brown with gold and green flecks. She is tiny but there is nothing petite about her breasts. She is bisexual and I own her. One thing she loves to do is to be here for live phone sex. She likes to eat my pussy while I am talking to clients.

Mary is my Georgia peach. Bless her heart she is so independent and says she is straight… except when she is with me.  She is 48yrs old, 5’10 inches tall. She has thick blonde hair and giant chocolate eyes. Her skin is a golden tan. She is trim, like almost too thin but such muscle tone and that ASS…

She loves to listen to me on fetish phone sex calls

Britney is my rocker chick. She is totally in your face aggressive pansexual that is an alpha female… accept she is my brat. She is 5’7 like me and built like a courtesan which she hates. Half her hair is shaved off the rest in a mass of black curls to below her shoulder blades. Her eyes are the color of the midnight sky and her skin like milk. She thinks that hot phone sex involves family fun or force.

I have to run now. Melissa is joining me for supper and rainy night fun out at David’s lake house… Call me and I will give you all the details of any of my sexual adventures…

LOL,  Like I said the best phone sex is with me,

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