Free sex stories when the handyman comes

I love sex. It’s especially great when it’s a fun story and I can share my free sex stories.  I had an issue with my freezer last week, it started leaking and leaving big chunks of ice in my freezer.  So I had to call a handyman.

I was pleasantly surprised when he came over. He was tall, with dark hair, ice blue eyes, and the muscles had me wanting to just touch him.  When he opened my freezer and saw where the ice pieces had formed, he started to laugh.  I asked him what was so funny and he pulled out a piece about 6 inches long and about 2 inches around with a nice rounded end on one side.

“Oh my god! That…that looks like a dildo!” I laughed and he brought it over to me.

“You know, we could probably use it as one. It is just from the freezer water, no different than if you had made it from your ice cubes.”

“We?” I asked laughing.

He kissed me, pressing his hard body against me. I could feel the cold from our new toy pressed against my back.  We broke apart and he guided me to the couch.  He pulled my yoga pants and panties down and I sat on the couch, legs spread wide.  I closed my eyes and felt the cold slide along the lips of my open pussy, tracing all along them.

You can’t beat an ice cold dildo

Suddenly, I felt the ice plunge deep inside me. The cold ice felt good, but it gave me goosebumps. I could feel the chill spreading through my body as he fucked me with the ice dildo.   my clit as he continued to use the dildo on me.  I moaned as I felt my orgasm coming.  This ice dildo was going to make me cum!  My handyman fucked me harder with the dildo as I moaned louder.  I came hard and we realized the dildo was all but melted now.

“I’m going to need another hard thing for you”

“Hmm, I might need another hard thing to fuck you with,” he laughed.

He pulled down his pants and I saw his hard cock for the first time.  I guided him down to my wet pussy and he started to fuck me.  His cock was bigger than the ice dildo. My pussy was still cool from it, his cock warmed my pussy up quickly, though.  He pushed his big cock deep inside me hard.  I could tell he was already close to cumming, he must have really enjoyed fucking me with the ice dildo.

He pulled his cock out of my pussy suddenly and pulled me to my feet.  I laughed as he spun me around and had me get on my knees on the couch.  He pushed his big cock back into my pussy from behind and pounded hard, his balls slapping loudly against my ass. I felt him speed up as he got closer to cumming.  He yelled out as he came in my pussy, his cum spilling out and dripping down my legs.

As he got dressed again, I told him he was going to have to come back soon-my freezer still wasn’t fixed!

“Hopefully it has another toy for you next time, too,” he laughed and walked out.

It’s always good to have a versatile handyman…maybe I should start getting the last names of the men in my adult sex stories

I love free sex stories!

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