My Free Erotic Sex Stories are off the chain because I’m wild and when I say WILD, I mean WILD!  There is NO PLACE I won’t fuck my man and there’s no stopping me once we start!  I’m a natural wild-child, so a man needs to keep up!

Furthermore, it’s not eXXXactly my fault that my libido is SO HIGH that it can be hard for one man to satisfy.  In light of that, it was easy for Tim to get behind my freaky behavior…it was FUN for him!  Then came the day when he came home to find me face down in his roommate’s lap!  What?  First of all, It wasn’t my fault, and then note that she was the instigator of these free sex stories!

Everyone knows my stance on being STRICTLY DICKLY, but that didn’t stop her from pushing those big flabby tits into my face while grinding her warm, wet twat on my thigh.  Have I mentioned my DRIVE? Giggle.  PLUS, it was something he’d continually begged for!. But, I knew he really wanted a 3-some with me, him and another chick, so…

So, why was he so mad that it was with his roomie?  Was it that she was so hot for me that he basically got shut out?  I tried to give him every opening (pun intended), but when I did…she just jumped in and made me squirt all over her until there was nothing left for him!  Again…not my fault! It’s just one of those things that happens during free sex stories. You know? 

Though we still enjoy a healthy sex life, I’m not allowed to CUM over until HE gets home!  Bummer…considering what happened when I caught him in a sitch where he tried to Fuck My Mom!

Now, give me what I need, or you’re in for some Blackmail Phone Sex! I always get what I need!