My family sex stories are all over the place, but the one I’ll share today has to do with my first guided masturbation. You might be surprised to find that it was with my Mom & Dad!  They were so sweet.  However, I think they were as scared as I.  Though, I’d heard them talking about the first time…it never occurred to me what they meant exactly, or with whom!

So, when Daddy called for me to cum to their bedroom, I never thought twice about covering my chiffon nightie.  At the door, I saw he and Mom in bed and he patted the space between them for me to jump up…like when I was a child.  I clambered up and plopped into place.  I felt comfy as always, however, both of their faces had a certain…HUNGER!

Mom grabbed the bottom of my nightie and Dad thrust BOTH hands down to my tits; freeing them at once!  Seeing them bare and with hardened nipples, Mom started lapping at them.  Then Dad put his mouth to my ear and filled my head with his warm, lustful voice.

“Touch that sweet, little pussy for Daddy, Baby.  Make it wet and shiny over that bald skin for us.”

Mom chimed in with, “Oh, Honey!  She tastes just like pineapples!  Sooooo sweet!

Dad scolded her by saying that this 1st time had to be guided, but CUMpleted, by me! ‘Thank you, Daddy!’, I thought while rubbing.  I was so close!  They talked me through and let me bring MYSELF to the best climax I could imagine. Of course, I was a virgin (that night! LOL)…then! Now, I’ve even got cousin sex stories to share.

I couldn’t LIVE without my parents & our family sex stories.  Their guided masturbation has led me to the KINGDOM!