Another of my Cousin Sex Stories!  Ready?  Then, let’s go!  The last time I saw my cousin Bruce, he was a gangly 12 year old who always trying to grab my ass and I was a college junior who had no time for a pervy cousin. Ten years passed and I was attending my uncles funeral.

All during the service, I couldn’t take my eyes off the handsome 6’2”  God who could be on the cover of GQ.  By the end of the service, my juices were in my shoes. I wanted him so bad.

Several times I caught him looking my way, so I followed him to his bedroom and closed the door.

“How are you, Josette? Long time…”

“I should be asking you that, Bruce.  You okay?”

“Just seeing you helps, Jo, but you KNOW what I need.”

He stepped in front of me, looking down and I could see the 12-year-old boys lust in his eyes.

“Bruce, it’s your Dad’s funeral…!”

“Trust me, Jo” and he leaned in & kissed me. “If anyone would understand, it’d be Dad. I told him I was gonna fuck you when I was 14.”

He unzipped and dropped my dress at once; leaving me standing before him in my bra & panties.

“God, Jo!!! I’ve wanted this for 14 years!” I guess he really did because, in less-than-a-minute, he filled me with cum!

We’ve been fucking ever since, and I nearly thought I’d killed HIM a few weeks ago! I hope he makes it to 30!

“You ain’t seen nothing yet!” If you want more of my Cousin Sex Stories, you know where to find me! Giggle.

I hope you love Family Sex Stories as Much as I DO!


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