Free sex no such luck

You know it’s true, free sex isn’t free. If it’s advertised free remember everything cums with a price. Masturbation I guess is free if your using just your hand and your imagination. But if your looking at porn your paying one way or another. Did you buy that porn or pay for a subscription? Maybe not but that free sex video does require Internet which your paying for. If your using a pocket pussy it obviously isn’t free, even the materials to make a DIY pocket pussy cost. The only way your getting “free” is if your a kid using the parents Internet but when they catch you hello restrictions. So again everything cums with a price.

Free isn’t always good

Even a one night stand isn’t free considering you probably got her drunk or took her on a date before fucking her. But lets just say somewhere somehow you got “free sex”. It probably wasn’t all that good. The expression you get what you pay for is true! I’m about to prove it with just one little memory of your past. The beginning of your relationship the sex was often, it was hot sex, you got blow jobs, and all that sexy stuff. Because there was no free sex. You bought her flowers, hearts, chocolates and she gave you sex in return. Free sex isn’t great sex. I don’t do free but I can give you the best phone sex!

No strings attached

The best part about me is the only desire I have is to make you cum harder than you ever have before. No candy, no hearts, no flowers, and no commitment. Keep me satisfied and I’ll keep you satisfied. Just the sound of you masturbating will drive me wild. The way I touch myself for you will drive YOU wild. You can keep your wife I only want your cock. She’ll never find out about us, and you’ll never have to go unsatisfied. Unlike your wife I’m also willing to explore fantasies and fetishes. It’s the perfect relationship! Check me out on phone sex kingdom.

Casual sex to kinky sex either way it’s going to be hot! We can keep it vanilla or we can explore the world of fetishes. Whatever makes you happy makes me happy. So why are we sitting here fantasizing about and not getting to it already?