Relax its just a little casual sex

Are you really regretting that hot night of casual sex with this sexy babysitter? It was so good I’m not just going to let you out of it so easy. I’m going to fight to keep your dick around. You don’t want the wife to find out then put your cock back where it belongs and she’ll never find out. You know how much you can’t resist this barely legal pussy. So lets sneak away to the guest room and pick up where we left off last time. My clothes sliding off, you can’t say no after my little strip tease can you? I take your hands and put them on my body, I have you touch me everywhere while I strip you down.

I get on my knees between your legs my eyes looking into yours I wrap my lips around your dick. Its okay to like it, just go with it and enjoy your cock sucking.

A bowjob you’ll never forget

Your throbbing between my lips, I can see the veins in your cock jumping. Then My lips slide further down on your cock, your throbbing in my throat now. My tongue massaging against your shaft, your hands grabbing my hair pushing my mouth further down on you. You pull my head up and put me in the bed. See how I took away your guilt and regret? Now you know there is nothing wrong with enjoying casual sex. You spread my legs and slide your tongue inside my already wet pussy. If you only knew how much I love that tongue inside me. I feel myself dripping all over the sheets getting them soaked. Your tongue slides back and fourth over my clit, up and down my pussy lips. I can’t take the tease any longer I want your dick where it belongs inside me.

I pull you up and wrap my legs around you as you push your cock inside, slowly working yourself all the way in me. The best way to keep our casual sex a secret is to silence me with your dick. You can’t help it your just a man with needs and now its time to get what you deserve, A casual fling with someone who can keep a secret. I’ll keep you happy and satisfied. I have No Limits and I’m completely discreet. But if your looking for something a bit more kinky and your open minded then lets talk about gay sex. While I understand that maybe too much for some but have you ever had your ass fingered?

Go Big Or Go Home

It’s more intense than a finger but with better results. And I won’t just use my finger. I’ll use my tongue, and something a little bigger. I wouldn’t call it casual sex but more a long the lines of kinky sex. Are you game? Brave enough to try something new? Because it’s only a matter of time before this vanilla sex gets boring to you. There is only one life to live so live it to the fullest.

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