Freaky Cuckold Slaves Are A Rare Breed in Today’s World.

Freaky cuckold slaves are a rare breed.  Joe permits his wife Beth to not only have a work husband but bring him home to be his master.  David is this work husband we speak of, and his boner has magically amplified the freaky cuckold slave in Joe.  One might refer to David as a cuckold slave maker; for Joe was just a cuck prior to this takeover.

It’s a cuckold takeover.  All of Joe’s right’s to his home, income, and wife have been revoked.  The bottom/submissive normally has all the power but this is an out of control kink scene that never-ends.  Daily, Joe is serving Master David.  The will to live is solely based on sex life.

How Good Is Your Sex Life?

Beth and Joe no longer have sex.  Joe is the cleanup man, drinking from Master David and Mistress Beth’s well of fruit and plenty.  A tasty creampie is enough to make Joe cum like a Russian racehorse.  “Please permit me to drink from your hose?” Master David’s hose both waters and tills the soil of Beth’s garden.  The run-off is for Joe to eat from Master David’s magical pogo stick.

That pogo stick is Beth’s favorite toy.  She bounces up and down on it and lubes it with her WD-40.  It will never get rusty.  The pogo stick that belongs to Master David is always drenched in Joe’s saliva and Beth’s #WAP.

What that Booty-Cat Do?

That Booty-Cat does nothing.  It gets no pleasure; for Joe is not to be pleased.  Only pain, torcher, and punishment for him!  No attention at all for that tight little booty-cat, his testicles, penis, nor tits.  The real question is: “What does that mouth do?”

That mouth licks, slobs, sucks, blows, gags, bites, kisses, eats & swallows all that Master and Mistress request.  Like a genie, your wish is my command.  Yet, there are no tricks and loopholes.  Joe doesn’t have the heart to detest his masters.

Why Is It So Odd?

Most folks don’t want to be the bottom.  Who really wants to give up all of their power?  A person who trusts they will be taken care of; that’s who.  Freaky cuckold slaves have less to worry about.  Follow directions and do what you are told so there is no stress no anxiety about a thing.  Having good leadership is essential to a good slave and master relationship.

Don’t trust me, I take the torcher too far.  BDSM is not for me.  I cannot be trusted to not actually slit your throat in a round of knife play.  Master David on the other hand, takes care of all of Beth’s needs, wants, and desires.  He is structured and runs a tight ship.  Being well organized and consistent makes him a good master to Joe.  David will never kill Joe.  Joe’s income; house; wife but Master David’s reign.

Can you be trusted to run a freaky cuckold slave’s life?  Are you a good master? Cum chew the fat with me and I’ll size you up in a bit of cuckold phone sex. 

Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke


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