Cuckold Slave Maker is to be admired

Cuckold slave maker David is one person I admire.  Today, I have admiration for him because I didn’t realize this was a real thing.  There are many of us that are completely unaware of our power; those like myself that decide not to use their power; then others that wish to enforce and exhibit their power at all times.  Imagine what it would be like to not do what you are supposed to do; then someone comes along to take what you have and ration it out so that you do that and more at their disposal.  Personally, I wouldn’t enjoy being the house pet, but there are those born to serve; have no light of their own; thrive under perverse and strict instruction.

Joe and Beth are a beautiful couple.  Beth is an engineer and could definitely survive without Joe.  Joe knows he doesn’t please her in bed and doesn’t hold a grudge when she slips and falls into the arms of another man here and there.  As a matter of face, Joe delights in hearing the tales of her lovers and sexual encounters.

The Work Husband

Beth’s work husband is a bald, sturdy in stature Black man named David.  David loves being everything that Joe isn’t.  Beth adores him, respects him, and as their relationship grows her respect for Joe diminishes.  Eventually, David is introduced to Joe.  David touches Beth affectionately, makes her laugh, and doesn’t care who is watching.  Joe sees that hand on Beth’s butt and says nothing.  Hears their inside jokes and laughs too, for Beth has told him all about them.  David sees the delight a mere cheer in Joe’s eyes as he flirts with Beth.

To be honest, Joe simply wants Beth to be happy.  It turns him on to see her happy; to wear the semen of another man; hearing her moan as another man thrust his penis inside her and all so much more. Delighting in someone else’s joy is past sympathy, but rather compersion is rare in adults.  Especially those that aren’t feeling the transference of joy and delight that a toddler has felt.  A cuckold is a rare form of compersion.

Beth picked the right one!

David is the ultimate cuckold slave maker.  The husband is now the house servant that lives in the basement; yet pays all of the bills. A contract that reinforces the emotion of schadenfreude is to be thrived on in this love triangle.  The more pain and anguish the Average Joe would partake in is morphed into delight. Yet the idea of embarrassing Joe, forced servitude, taking his power away has caused me to feel fremdscham.  When Joe calls for a bit of cuckold phone sex  I’m delighted for his embarrassment.  Phone sex is telephonic relief and is cheaper than therapy. This kinky fetish play can and will have you questioning your morals.

Yet, I admire David’s ability to be a cuckold slave maker.  Things the average man won’t do, David gets Joe to do with delight.  Joe is eager to serve David’s every command and wish.  So much so, that it is not torture for him to do chores, give up his entire paycheck, no longer have access to sex with his wife, and lick her cum from his shaft.

The Kinky Things He Will Do!

To delight in total subservience to a cuckold slave maker sounds absurd to me; for I wish to be free.  Joe doesn’t want his freedom.  He has no desire to run, flee, or have law enforcement intervene.  His power is willingly given up with a boner.  Waging that little cock like a dog’s tail with sheer delight.  How does David do it? What’s the trick? Is it David’s cuckold slave maker capabilities or is it more of Joe’s need to be powerless?

Check back with me on Wednesday to hear about how Beth’s sex with David mesmerized Joe.  How is David able to screw Beth until she faints and upon her return have Joe’s undying servitude?

Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke