Frankenstein Frisky Encounters in the Countryside. Have Mercy!

Oh, get ready for Frankenstein frisky encounters! The first thing I remember is pain. Like every synapse in my body was on fire. Looking around my surroundings, I found myself strapped to a steel table, my hands and feet held down by metal clamps, wires running to either side of my head. Then, a bolt of lightning hit, and the pain enveloped me again. Like my first thrill on a hot phone sex hotline!

I must have passed out again because the next time I opened my eyes, I was out of the rain and an angel was looking down at me. I thought she was an angel, the most beautiful blue eyes I had ever seen. As she unbuckled my hands and feet, she spoke to me in a soothing tone. She made my pain vanish, only to be replaced by an almost more cruel desire. Then, leaning over me removing wires from my neck and I caught a whiff of her. She smelled divine. I could see the swell of her breasts through the opening of her lab coat, and felt that desire rising up from my core. Oh, I remembered what deep throat was!

Frankenstein Frisky Encounters Get Serious!

“Well, Frankie, I guess I did a good job repairing your nerves,” the angel said with a smile. She glanced down my body, chuckled, and said “I really picked the right pieces to build you with.” Build me? Then I remembered being hung, by the neck, until I was dead, or so I thought. “When I saw your hanging, I knew I couldn’t let such a magnificent creature go to waste.” With that and a wicked smile, she swung my legs over the edge of the table, causing the sheet covering me to fall away, and revealing a cock much larger than I had been born with. And all thanks to our Frankenstein frisky encounters.

However, just starting to grow, I was already 8 inches long and 2 thick; and staring at my angel, I felt it growing even larger. When she dropped to her knees and took me in her mouth I gasped with delight as I felt the moist warmth of her velvet throat. Smiling at me, she continued to suck my cock until it reached an impressive 12″ long and more than 3 inches of girth. So, my creator had taken me all in her mouth and was deep throating my cock like she would never stop. I could hear myself moaning and closed my eyes to revel in her skill.

This Might Leed to Freedom…

It’s time for Frankenstein Frisky Encounters! When she finally released me, she stood back, smiling. Looking her creation up and down she muttered, “Not bad if I do say so myself.” She winked at me while taking off her lab coat. Then, her dress dropped. Next was the lacy underwear, revealing the body of a Goddess; her bountiful breasts capped by perfect nipples, standing proudly erect. A flat stomach leading the way to a perfectly shaved bush, her labia already framing her flower. “Now, let’s see how well my baby can use that thing,” she said, as she pushed me back onto the table and joined me, her legs straddling my hips, her pussy directly above my straining member.

Moreover, a better creator, I could never have asked for. So, are you looking to release the beast inside and have some Frankenstein frisky encounters of your own? Call me to have the time of your life. Break free and be with me! This isn’t for kids. Real Adults looking to eXXXplode ONLY!

Kisses and licks!

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