Meeting My new Fetish Step Dad

Little did I know my New Step Dad had a Fetish. My mom had remarried while I was away at college. I barely knew John but he made my mom happy so good for her. He was only a few years older than me. I come home unannounced from college with a couple guy friends while my mom is off to work. There is music playing upstairs. My friends hit the kitchen as I follow the music.

Learning Dad’s Fetish

Much to my surprise, I see John wearing sexy lingerie and a wig. I quickly get out my phone and take some pics. I slowly walk in the room. John is very embarrassed and starts to beg that I don’t share his secrets with my mom. I’m a hungry college student so I get to thinking blackmail. What can you offer me to not say anything? He says whatever I want he will do. He knows my mom would be done with him.

My Blacklist

I request a generous weekly allowance. He questions me about it being too much. I say too bad. And that’s not all. I tell for Paul and Rob to come upstairs. Look at this sissy. He’s going to suck your dicks. John says I only like dressing up. I’m not gay. Really john. Get on your knees and do as your told. John reluctantly takes Paul’s cock first then Robs. He clearly loves it as he doesn’t notice me videoing his handy work. After he takes their loads and it gets on my mom’s lingerie. He is in a panic mode of how he can clean this up. I send the video to his phone. And let him know I can really use a new car.

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John Begins a new life as my Sex slave

I was away to college the first year a lot. That doesn’t mean I didn’t send Paul and Rob over for their weekly Blow job. I was making sure John knew who owned him and I was in charge. John took loads and loads of cum dressed up like a sissy in my mom’s Lingerie. I soon was making him spread his tight hole for them too! I was making John into a complete sissy boy. After all, that is what he wanted. I loved my new car. My mom loves how well John and I got along. When I came home I got to use and abuse John over n over again.

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