You are a disgusting little shit. However, I am always looking for new subs for my stable of losers. If you wish to worship this goddess, I will allow you into my group of subs. Of course, it is important you know that means you are fucking nothing to me but a loser. As a Foul-Mouthed Domme, I will tear you to pieces with my words.

So, if you are up for the intensity of being one of my little bitches you can. Just know, it isn’t an easy thing. You are foul pieces of shit, stinking, rotting wastes of human space. It is my job to help you own your worthlessness. To break you down and destroy your soul. Once we have gone down to that level, then we can start to rebuild you.

I own that I am a bitch and foul-mouthed domme!

Many men do not last in my sub-stable. They are already weak and pathetic twats. When they are hearing it from me constantly it is hard to live with that. So, they choose to go on their merry little way. I understand and let them go. Sadly, I guarantee their wives are telling them all the stuff I tried to say. Of course, they are married to her and stuck forever with that cunt!

When the wives are saying it, they can convince themselves it isn’t true. When a sexy foul-mouthed domme is telling you the same thing, it is hard to handle. Instead, for them, I am here providing regular Phone Sex Chat that isn’t too hard on their egos. It is amazing as well. I love all my callers and do my best to give them what they need. If I have to step out of goddess mode to work with them, I can do that.

Everyone is welcome with this hottie.


For my subs that need something in between, there is my Sensual Latina Domme fun. It is still intense but without my foul-mouthed domme bitchery and meanness. I love doing it all. There are certain days when the meanest domme is my favorite. I am craving the opportunity to be rough on my subs and need subs willing to take it. Luckily for me, I have plenty of willing victims.

My pussy gets wet for a wanker that bows down to my foul-mouthed domme. A piece of shit that gets harder and harder the meaner I am to him. It is like we are in sync. He is craving my hard treatment and I am craving his submissive willingness. I make his cock hard and he is making my pussy drip. Of course, I don’t tell my fucking subs that during our fun. It isn’t their god damn business to know this fact.

It is their fucking job to worship me, nothing else!

These ass wipes serve no other purpose during our time together. Their hardons are a bonus. When I am feeling extremely mean, I put them in chastity, so they can’t get a fucking rise out of their cocks. Take that dick head, no boner during this session, only your goddess is getting hers today! I have to say, seeing their sad little faces when they see the chastity device is a fucking thrill! Hahaha…it is too funny.

Of course, not for these pathetic little asshats but for me it is, and isn’t that what matters? I am the most important thing in the room. Their foul-mouthed domme is more important than anything else in the world right now. They better fucking realize that or I am making their life a living hell during our session. I have plenty of tools and toys to use on these losers.

Most of them like to be bad so I bring out the punishment devices.

They are my little bitches and take what I give. So, tell me, what do you crave? Are you up for the intensity of this foul-mouthed domme? Or do you need the softer version of me? Either way, call me and we can have some awesome fun!

Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke