Las Vegas with my girls always delivers a killer time for us to get kinky like we were known to.

My 3 college buddies and I decided to take Rachael’s daughter Chloe, who was turning 21 to Sin City. We were all fucking stoked to get out of town, let our hair down, and whore it out. Racheal is the oldest in our group at 37.  She had her daughter at 16 years old, during our senior year in High School. Monique, Cori, I, and Rachael have been friends since the 6th grade. We were even going to the same college together. So you could say, we all invested time in raising Rachaels daughter Chloe. When it came to celebrating my God Childs’s 21st birthday, I couldn’t think of a better place. We were all more than fucking excited and in need of an insanely crazy girls week. Knowing we would be forcing sissy bitch to command our every perverted desire.

With that said, we didn’t know who was going to be our sissy bitch, but indeed we would have one!

While attending college there were actually 5 of us. I had met Daniel in my English class. After getting to know her, I named her Lydia, she loved it. Our sissy bitch stood as tall as me at 5’7″, with long straight black hair, green eyes, and an olive complexion. Lydia dressed and tried to act like a young man in college. Most bought it, but she was way too feminine and beautiful to pass that by us freaks. His Goddess’ tortured, controlled, and loved her. We lost Lydia to goddamn cancer and miss her like crazy. All agreed we needed to do this in honor of Lydia. Forcing sissy bitch to do as we command! Now, off to find exactly what we’re lookin’ for.

We all met up at a bad ass AirBnB apartment right above the strip!

A large 4/3, kick-ass kitchen, and a great room looking over the city.  The rooftop bar had a swimming pool and spa, sexy as fuck! Definitely made for hardcore partying and fucking. We started getting ready for our night out, which started at a Gentlemen’s Club…slutty attire only! I wore a black leather corset, tight black leather mini skirt, and sheer black thigh-high stockings. But my boots were to kill for! Soft black leather, above the knee, ahhh how they wrapped around my calf so snug. They totally bent me over and fuck me like hooker boots. When arriving at the strip club, we got VIP everything. Nothing less for our Birthday Girl Chloe! She was pitching a fucking fit about her boyfriend coming with. We didn’t want him there, but she insisted, compromising he’d arrive later that night.

Surprisingly, the Gentleman’s Club still brought out our inner slutty stripper.

All 4 of us have stripped before, now we can mark Chloe off the list. The strippers pulled her up on stage, haha, we chanted she strip! Her mom and I jumped on stage, with only one thing on our minds. Stripping her daughter down to only her sexy birthday suit. We kissed, groped and fondled her until she was naked and dripping wet between her legs. We got the sexiest girls in the place to “dance” in our VIP room. While playing, we informed them about the party at our apartment. Informing them to bring their boyfriends and their friends! We ended up hearing from this group around 2 am. We went back to the apartment and holy fuck, they did come through with some fine pieces of meat. Our favorite stripper from the Gentleman’s club was Bambi. She brought her cute, young, innocent-looking boyfriend.

He was a uniquely pretty boy for sure, tight ass, chest, yet no bulge in his pants..reminding us of Lydia.

Forcing sissy bitch was easy…he was nothing but a submissive baby dick. We made this little bitch our sissy slave…our virgin bitch! Our chosen sissy for the weekend had never sucked a cock. Nor had he been fucked up his virgin ass. We were so turned, we get to force sissy bitch on his first dick. The sexual excitement that ran through our bodies was intense. Forcing sissy bitch into my bedroom, we all grabbed our lingerie, make up, wigs and shoes. Stripping our little cunts clothing off his hairless body as we noticed his little shriveled-up dick. Haha, it looked like a turtle trying to poke out for air, but can’t. We pulled out our bag of toys, finding an extra small cock cage. No sense in having this little pecker out and in the way, we giggled. Forcing sissy bitch to cage it with an extra small restraint was extremely humiliating for him.

Us girls couldn’t help but to laugh while forcing sissy bitch to stroke his micro dick.

Forcing sissy bitch to put on sexy lingerie made him whine like a baby girl. We had only just begun our sissy in training! WTF are we to do but punish his baby soft ass.

Read more of me and my slutty MILF’s sissy control adventures in Las Vegas next week!

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