My new stepdaddy forced me to have anal sex with him.

My new stepdaddy has been following me around since he moved in. I couldn’t figure out why he was on my ass so much! It turned out that he wanted to have anal sex with me. He was hoping to find out some dirt on me so he could use it against me to get what he wanted. Every single time that I went even a tiny bit past my curfew he was there watching and waiting to pounce as soon as I walked through the door. It wasn’t until he caught me actually sucking dick in the backyard.

I begged him not to tell Mommy. She would ground me for life if she found out! That’s when he sprang it on me. My stepdaddy wouldn’t say a word as long as I had anal sex with him! I couldn’t believe that he was blackmailing me like this. I tried to say no but he just called me a cock tease. He thought I was wearing short skirts and bending over in front of him on purpose.

As much as I pleaded with him he wouldn’t change his mind!

He said that as tempting as my tight teen pussy was, he was an ass man. He wanted to bend me over and see my tight round ass up in the air, wriggling back and forth for him. He pushed me down to my knees and made me gag all over his big dick to get it slippery wet. Then he pulled my panties down to my ankles and bent me over. I couldn’t believe how thick his cock was. It hurt so bad that I had to bite my tongue not to scream out. After all, if I woke Mommy up from screaming then she would know what a bad girl I was. If he had to force me at least it was with anal sex. That is the safer sex after all.

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