Forced Sissy Feminization, or what happened when I turned my professor out!

Forced sissy feminization is your secret perverted craving, isn’t it? C’mon, we all know about you, dude. After all, I’ve been watching you, Professor. I’ve seen how you stare at me in class, stripping me with that hot gaze. You want this sexy college girl, don’t you. Admit it!

I kept crossing and uncrossing my tanned, toned thighs yesterday, giving you teasing glimpses of my lacy pink bikini panties. Obviously, that’s what made you stutter more than once! Your “struggles” to act all cool and calm made ME struggle not to laugh out loud at you.

The question is this: Do you want to merely stare at my sexy undies, or wear them yourself? Indeed, we’re about to find out! I excused myself from the lecture, just long enough to run across the hall to the restrooms, where I stripped off my drenched panties.

Once I returned to my seat, I made certain you could see EXACTLY what I was no longer wearing.

You took one look at my gloriously puffy, perfectly smooth pussy and immediately lost your train of thought. Smirking, I crossed my legs again and “helpfully” raised my hand to remind you, making it worse because you were forced to look at me!

After you managed to return to whatever the fuck you were lecturing us about, I continued the delicious torment. Together with slowly sliding my pen in and out between my pouty pink lips, I gave that phallic object occasional, wet licks with my tongue, clearly imagining that it was something else.

And of course, I couldn’t stop thinking about how badly you need forced sissy feminization!

Blushing furiously, you somehow finish the class, looking as if you’re about to stroke out. In light of all this, you realize that you’ve obviously been caught in one of those kinky sex stories! After nearly everyone else has left the lecture hall, I finally rise to leave, “accidentally-on-purpose” dropping my soaked panties on the floor, an “Oh, how did THAT happen?!” expression on my face.

Turning to pick it up, I bend over way more than necessary, giving you a glimpse of my naked, firm ass and my now-drenched pussy.

Glancing over my shoulder, I see that your mouth has fallen open and the bulge in your trousers is so huge now that you’re practically bursting at the seams.

Mmmm, that’s right. Good boy. I casually wave at you as I strut out the door, my red, high heels clicking as I walk. You follow, muttering a goodbye as you slip past, obviously in a hurry to get somewhere.

I pause a moment as I pretend to look at a bulletin board in the hallway, then follow you, realizing that you’re going to your office. Where you THINK you’ll be alone.

Oh yes, that’s right. Sneak away into your forced sissy feminization fantasy. I know you’re thinking about it!

I’d sneakily followed you down the deserted hallway toward your office. Obviously, you thought you’d find some privacy there. After all, you left class with a ginormous boner, courtesy of yours truly! Peeking around the corner, I see that your office door is ajar.

Coming closer, I hear a telltale fap-fap-fap sound combined with heavy panting. By the time I’ve tiptoed closer to your door, I can see my “lost” pair of pretty pink panties bouncing up and down over a raging purple stiffy! Oh, what a slut you are, Professor …

Boldly strutting into your office, I come around to the back of your desk to stand in front of your chair. As a result, you nearly drop your panty-draped clitty as you let out an almost girlish gasp of forced sissy feminization surprise.

I start laughing as you stare at me in horror, trying in vain to cover yourself. “Well hel-lo, Professor Sissy! Tsk-tsk, jacking off in your office? Well fuck, I just can’t un-see that, now can I?! Omg, whatever will the Dean say?”

Initially, you just sit there whimpering, mouth opening and closing as you fail to find words. Continuing to snicker as I bend down to unzip my backpack, I pull out several items. “Oh, that’s okay, no need to speak. Here, put these on!”

After finally recovering your voice (kind of! LMAO), you manage to squeak, “Wh-what are those?” “What do you think these are, Sissy?” I grin wickedly.

“Unless you want me to report you to the Dean, you’ll put on these lacy black panties and matching bra for me, RIGHT now.”

“Additionally, be a good girl and put on this slutty pink fishnet dress,” I continue with an evil grin. “And of course, you’ll need this pair of nude pantyhose. Furthermore, don’t forget these platform, fuck-me stiletto pumps.”

Without delay, you obey, trembling. I watch you, enjoying your predicament.  I clap delightedly, purring “Oh yes, excellent!” Looking at you with a wicked glint in my blue eyes, I rummage through my bag again.

I murmur “Mmm yes, here they are!” It’s all I can do not to laugh again as you stare at me in desperation, as you realize what items are in my hands.

“First, you’ll need this. Seeing that you’re a girl now, you’ll need this strawberry blonde wig, don’t you think? Equally important, you MUST have lip color!”

Pulling an additional item from my bag, I make you stay still while I add the finishing touches.  Together with a clear gloss, I paint your lips a slick, bimbo pink. By all means, your sissy whore ensemble is now complete!

“Indeed, you look SO much better now. Come along now, Sissy, we have plans. In fact, there’s a glory hole with your name on it!”

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