Forced sex

I do anything to please my beloved gentle Dom, David even Forced sex. To serve  his pleasure is my only desire. David insists that he gets his pleasure from my pleasure. He proves it every time we are together. Then, there are times he arranges sexual escapades, play times, solely to push my boundaries while overwhelming my body with such sensual delights that pleases him. He makes my pussy purr with orgasm after orgasm. He forces me to cum until he decides that I have had enough. Normally we play with just each other or a girlfriend… BUT lol oh just a couple days ago he set up a play date focused on me, he forced sex on me.

I thought it was just another day as far as I knew. David never gave me a clue as he opened the door to his place that forced sex was about to begin in the best sex positions. As always I immediately turned to the right and went into the bathroom to change and put on my collar.  I was not allowed to wear clothing unless David told me to while at his place. On the clothing, the stand was a note and a blindfold. The note said “Close your eyes and walk 7 steps straight out the door. Wear your collar and carry the blindfold.” As always his desires sparked a blaze of desire in my body.

It was hard to walk in the tiny steps he preferred with my pussy swelling and damp already. As I reached the 7th step I heard him place something behind me.

“Sit in this chair; keep your hands down holding the chair.”

David said “I am going to place the blindfold over your eyes, but I want you to keep them closed anyway” By the time he finished I was already sitting. David pulled my hair up in a ponytail and tied the blindfold on as I gripped the edge of the chair.

“Open your mouth my pet” He whispered in my ear. Instantly I obeyed. After a moment I felt a cock enter my mouth already hard and throbbing. As David whispered “feed yourself, like a good girl… forced sex is always fun” I realized I had no idea whose cock it was that I was sucking. Oh the delicious torture he created in my body; of not knowing who, not being allowed to touch, of being bound only by my choice to please him. As the cock in my mouth began to throb and erupt cum my pussy began to weep.

I swallowed every drop or precious semen.

Hands gently spread my legs wide as the cock was withdrawn from my mouth. As I licked my lips I felt another hard cock at the tip of my tongue, and yet another on my inner thigh, as David again whispered “I love you” in my ear. Opening my mouth as this man gripped my head beginning to fuck my face forcing his cock into my throat I realized that the face between my legs starting to eat my pussy was a woman’s.

I started cumming as soon as she nipped my clit. Slipping into subspace overcome with sensations; I became lost to time and thought only to start to return to my body when the cock in my mouth was forced so far down my throat that it cut off my air supply and the cock jumped as he orgasmed straight down into my stomach.

Still, I had not released my hands from the chair.

Gasping for breath David stroked my hair from my face “It’s not time for a break yet Open that mouth and get back to work” those were the last words I remember as yet a third shaped cock was thrust in my face. I dug my nails into the chair clenched my eyes tight and let go of the world as I started to orgasm from the feminine fingers burrowed into my g spot. I tasted a flood of semen in my mouth, the cock withdrew and a fourth different cock took its place.

He lasted even less time than the last cock had.

As I gasp from the last orgasm David took me by the shoulders pulling up. I did not let go of the chair. “I’m a good Kitty master” David laughed and told me to “release the chair” my hands hurt from the blood rushing back to my fingers as Stephen lead me to the bed and had me stand exactly in a spot. Then I heard the motion on the bed curiosity the only thought other than how my body felt and that my Master was pleased with me. Suddenly his hand pushed my upper back forward as his other pulled my ass towards him.

“Stay” he said in a gruff voice full of passion. Then with gentle hands, he removed my blindfold. I kept my place and my eyes closed, my pussy spasmed in anticipation. “You may open your eyes and see,” David said. I opened my eyes to the luscious pussy of one of my friends I did not know was bisexual. Turning my head I saw 4 men of different races and another girl friend sitting masturbating watching us, watching me experience forced sex.

David grabbed my hair and pushed my face into my friends pussy

and again forced sex, as I started to eat her David lined up his cock and fucked me standing until I collapsed from exhaustion. Cumming so intensely, so often had worn me out. As I lay on the floor I got no relief. David mounted me and forced me to cum on his cock until he exploded deep in me still orgasming in subspace. “See yourselves out” with that statement David picked me up off the floor and carried me into our hot tub where he held me, praising my submission, thanking me for gifting me to him. I would do anything for my gentle Dom.

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