hot phone sex comes from knowing the best sex positions.

Daddy Daughter Incest is where I started learning and Well the best sex positions for me to orgasm is from behind like when…

Your cock stretches me in every direction as it invades my pussy over and over. You are kneeling behind me, with each thrust of savage passion, you force the air from my lungs in pants. From your very first aggressive thrust, the pleasure is so intense it borders on pain to me. Grasping for understanding, I am overwhelmed by the building of fierce burning desire that climaxes over and over. You grip my hair in your hand holding me exactly where you want me so I cannot escape.

Again, and again, your cock hits the innermost core of my body and withdraws. Your thighs crash between my spread knees making your balls slap my clit with lightning strikes. Yet again, I cum shaking on your merciless cock. My pussy juices protect us from the friction as your shaft drags in and out. My next orgasm already building even higher more powerful. I hear you start to growl viciously as your fingers clutch my hips tighter your strokes get shorter and faster. It is not enough. Without thought my body knowing what it needs instincts to take over.

I begin to twerk.

My ass moving up and down even as you thrust. Grinding the head of your cock against my cervix. Gods it hurts so good. I feel your cock getting even bigger, longer, fatter as your own orgasm approaches. With a violent lust, you lose control. You let go of my hair, place your hand on my back forcing my ass to arch even higher. Grip my hips with a bruising force and attack my pussy with your magnificent manhood.

Every muscle in my body locks tight even as full body spams force my chest into the mattress. I am beyond control and squirt my cum all over your legs and the bed. Feeling my pussy clenching and milking your cock as it spams you slam your cock home once more. This time your cock head goes straight into my cervix causing me to scream with pleasure as I cum once more. Feeling your cock head lodged tightly as I squirt on you and my pussy spasming on your shaft you throw your head back and roar as your cum is ripped from you. Planting your seed deep… This is just one more example of free phonesex Erotic Sex Stories you and I have and will have.

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