Daddy Daughter Incest is best

Trust me Daddy Daughter Incest is best. You see the family reunion was finally over. And the little community center was empty as I entered to turn off the lights. Momma had just left with the last of the aunties that stayed to clean up. With daddy was only a step behind me in the hall of the community center.

I stopped suddenly forcing him to bump into me. He grabbed my arms to prevent me from falling. I couldn’t prevent myself from leaning back into his strong body.

I inhaled his scent. Then I drew his essence into my body, absorbing him into my thickening blood. I felt him enter me in the only way I was allowed by social and religious conventions between family members. Incest is never acceptable no matter how you feel, especially Daddy Daughter Incest.

“OH, I am sorry Kitten, I wasn’t paying enough attention,”

Daddy said as he massaged my arms where he had grabbed, soothing the slight ache from his fingers causing goose bumps to spread in waves across my body at his touch. He leaned down kissing the top of my head.

Then his hot alcohol laden breathes wafted down my body. It caused my breasts to swell, nipples to tighten under my shirt, and my pussy to become swollen dampening what little pubic hair my body had ever grown. I tilted my neck silently inviting more from him. He was always so tense after these family things.

“It’s ok” Lol I giggled as I wiggled my ass back into him teasing us both.

“You know you didn’t really want to avoid me” We were sexually attracted to each other; we had been before I understood what that meant.

It had never gone further than an occasional kiss, brush, or touching in passing but after my birthday last week, Daddy had gotten more intense.

“Tease-denial… that’s all you’re capable of”

I challenged him as I had so many times in recent months.

And then Daddy’s face changed to an almost livid expression in its intensity. As his hands suddenly gripped my arms tight. He pushed me from his body holding me at arm’s length.

“You are playing with fire Dawn” Daddy growled.

“OH yeah??? Like you could handle my fire? Besides I thought I was your kitten” I laughed “and you couldn’t even hope to live through me in heat?”

Arching a brow as I looked over my shoulder at him thinking again that it is forbidden, Daddy Daughter Incest. I will never forget the look on his face at the moment before he Forced sex on me.

I could almost see his control snap.

He held me at arm’s length forcing me to walk ahead of him into the men’s room. My heart pounded with excitement and a little fear I’ll admit.

He spun me around catching me as again I lost balance. Pulling me tight against his body he captured my mouth, slamming me against the wall. The connection between us is real, strong, and compelling

We kissed with a ferocious passion.

As his hands pulling on my skirt dragging my hips into him, his cock pressed into my lower stomach.

When he reached his arms around me; with his powerful arms, he lifted me off my feet. Daddy’s tongue swept down my neck he was out of control. I was named Dawn as a new beginning.

Daddy Daughter Incest

Fire and flame had always been familiar to me but this was no ordinary burn of desire. Then we were the incandescence of the forbidden Daddy Daughter Incest.

Then I was ablaze with it. Oh, how I had longed for Daddy to hold me as he was but now that I was flared I was scared.

Then being overwhelmed with each sensation flowing, surging into, throughout my body. No matter how much I wanted, needed this Daddy Daughter Incest, it had to stop.

“No Daddy!!! Please stop”

I cried as he pressed his body hard against mine pinning me to the wall. Then I put my hands on his shoulders and tried to push him away as my eyes flooded with tears.

“You gave yourself to me years ago, now I am taking what is mine,” Daddy said while his hands pulled my shirt down freeing my breasts.  Then as he took my nipple into his mouth my tears spilled down my face dripping in his hair.

And I turned into pure fire.

My sexual need was beyond anything I have ever known. Instantly my tiny virginal pussy wept more fluids than my eyes as daddy feasted on my breasts. All I could do was survive the flood of desire that was consuming me.

While I surrendered allowing each sensation to flow through me. I was aware of nothing, my body was gone. My ability to form rational thought was gone, only pleasure remained. Then pain the flood turned to oh such exquisite pain that was still equally pleasure.

I heard a scream and realized it came from me.

Slowly all the painful throbbing burning sensations in my pussy eased enough, and I became aware of my body, and daddy again…

While I was cradling my daddy’s head against my neck as he struggled for control. Our bodies joined as one pinned to the wall. Then I could feel what was surely my virgin’s blood slide across my ass cheek and I whispered in his ear…

“I love you, Daddy, please don’t stop”…

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