Did I ask for any of these forced sex stories to happen to me?

Did I provoke it? Was it because I was wearing a short skirt? The shirt I am wearing is low cut,  my cleavage was popping out. Was this the reason tonight became a night that I added a story to my forced sex stories collection.

Driving down the street, crossing an intersection, I see red and blue lights in my rearview mirror. Confused why I was getting pulled over. I turned off the main road. This part of town is almost deserted. I grabbed my ID, registration, and proof of insurance so I can hand it right to the officer.

He approached the car and looked in at me and smiled. Not making eye contact with me he asked if I knew why he pulled me over. Clueless, I answered no I didn’t. What are you not wearing he asked? Looking down at my outfit I blurted out I’m not wearing panties. Embarrassed I felt my face turn red, at this time I think his mouth hit the pavement. The question he asked was referring to my seatbelt. Telling me to step out of the car and stand in front of his patrol car made me a little nervous.I did what was told of me. While I was standing there he ran my plates and ID. Hearing the dispatcher say everything was clear thinking I was good to go.

Not the case.

He told me to place my hands on the hood of the car. Sticking his leg between mine and kicking my feet further apart feeling tears flow down my cheek. Informing me he needed to verify that the statement was true about not having panties on, I knew this wasn’t going to end well. Feeling his hands grab my skirt and pull it up to my waist as he pushed his against my ass. I could feel his belt buckle and it was starting yo hurt. Begging him please don’t do this, He didn’t stop. Hearing the belt buckle and zipper come undone I cried louder.

That was the moment he became one of my forced sex stories.

He rammed his already hard cock into my pussy. Sex shouldn’t feel like this, it should feel good. Pounding me harder and harder he was not giving up. Harder and harder he fucked me.  Begging him to cum so it would be over. The rest of this story along with more forced sex stories or other real sex stories can be heard by giving me a call and we can have some taboo phone sex.

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