Forced sex stories can also be paranormal, I guess…

Dear Perverts of mine across this great nation, I have a confession to make. As you could probably guess, forced sex stories are sort of low on my list of turn-ons, but occasionally…some twist in the storyline can definitely change my mind. The truth is, a variation on any theme can turn me on. I always say, it always comes down to chemistry…and yes, that even means with my rapist, I guess (don’t be afraid to laugh, that’s a joke).


One such pussy intruder, however, didn’t come into my house. He came with the house.


That’s right, perverts. I move into a house haunted by a sex addict. I heard stories around town, “the old guy who used to live in your house used to throw these wild sex parties” and “you know how he died, right? Ball deep cumming inside of a girl”. Being a sexual rascal myself, I thought…this house has a history I can get behind. I joked about it to one of my boy toys and he said, “maybe I can fuck you to death there too”

“That’s NOT funny!”


One night, after a small housewarming, I start to get ready for bed.


After my shower, I stood naked in my bathroom and I started thinking about the man who died in my new house. He must have been quite a lover, I wonder what sort of things he liked to do. I wonder what he looked like. I started to get a little turned on thinking about preserving his legacy, maybe throwing sex parties here myself. Then I felt something brush past me. It felt like someone was staring at me. I told myself, okay, I’m letting my imagination go a little bit here. I wrapped myself in my towel and walked to my bedroom.


Very strange things start happening as soon as I walk into the bedroom.


First, my towel loosened and fell to my ankles. I tried to reach down to pick it up but a force was keeping me still. Then, my body was pushed up against the wall. Whatever it was, I was afraid it wanted to hurt me. At first I felt scared and tried to struggle free, but I couldn’t move. I could feel warm fingers pinching my nipples, sliding down my trembling stomach to my pussy.

The forced sex stories that turn me on the most are the ones where the girl is forced to cum against her will. That could be me, except I always want to cum. If I had any doubts who this ghostly presence could be, the way he was fingering me confirmed it. It was clear he was very hungry for pussy, I heard a faint grunt as my cunt grew wetter and I started to moan.


I feel a warm, wet tongue part my luscious pussy lips…


He starts licking my swollen clit, sucking gently, wrapping his lips around it. My body trembles with pleasure as I feel hands reach up and squeeze my tits while that invisible tongue darts back and forth across my clit. He brings me very close to orgasm, and suddenly, everything stops. I look around…am I crazy, or did that just happen? I put my fingers on my pussy and I am definitely wet. My body is throbbing with pleasure, but what just happened? Confused, I crawl into bed naked. Maybe this was forced heavy petting and not a forced sex story?


I feel a body press up against me.


A nice sized cock presses up against my ass and slides down to my pussy, head first. He flips me over onto my stomach and I feel his hands spread my ass cheeks apart in the prone position, one of my favorites. I feel the head of his cock push its way in, stretching me and I moan loudly and he enters my pussy. He starts to stroke slowly in my pussy and it feels so good that for a second I forget what is happening. I open my eyes and there’s nothing there, but I can feel that I am definitely getting a very deep dicking. I can feel his balls slapping against my ass and his hands grabbing my tits as I’m moaning. He’s fucking me so hard that my moan clips.


I start to feel a powerful orgasm building inside my pussy and I yell, “I don’t know who the fuck you are, but I’m going to cum so fucking hard all over you!” I splatter pussy juice everywhere as I cum and I hear faint moans, getting louder as the cock inside me starts to throb as he cums inside me. Ghost cum. Presumably safe?


I roll onto my back, soaked and satisfied, wondering what the hell just happened.


“That was very weird, but it was also…amazing”. I had to admit. Getting sexually violated by a ghost does still count as forced sex stories, doesn’t it?


As you can see, I love creative forced sex stories. Got one for me? Any kind of hot phone sex, bespoke for your mind’s desire. That’s what you get when you call my number.