Forced sex stories are my corner stone of taboo phone sex!

Forced sex stories for me truly come from calls and role plays. If you love blogs and wanna read part one click hot phone sex to get the back story!

To be fair I didn’t have a shot in hell and I knew it. Panic washed over me again, I wasn’t sure if he planned on just fucking or if he had malicious intent. His hand traced over my ass and fell between my ass cheeks. Not once did he hurt me, his fingers rubbed at my slit.

I couldn’t help it, as scared as I was I moaned. “Relax Aly, I’m not gonna hurt you, but I am gonna take what I want. You’ll enjoy it.” He said. Tears dripped down my face, I wasn’t sure I could trust him. My body had already betrayed me.

I could hear how wet my pussy became as he fingered my clit and then my fuck hole. Why the fuck does my body need to be such a needy slut? The bed shifted as he sat behind me, he pulled my pussy open and began licking slowly. My hips bucked back into his mouth, I couldn’t move much since I was tied up.

“Mmm, you taste better than I ever imagined. You know I  jerk off looking at your pictures every day? It’s fate, Aly.” He said coming off the bed. “Open your mouth for me.” He commanded.

Reluctantly I did since he was being nice. My lips pulled his cock deep into my mouth, I worked his cock with expert skill. Was the very least I could do right?

“You going to turn this into one of your forced sex stories for me?” He asked.

I moaned on his cock affirmation I would do him that honor. His cock dripped salvia as he pulled away from my mouth. Back behind me, his cock teased at my fuck hole. Pretty sure he did that just to hear me whimper with a need to have him fuck me.

Like the whore I am, I gave in and begged just like we were having phone sex. Feeling just the tip of his cock at my hole, I could feel it get harder from my begging. In a smooth thrust, he was buried deep inside of me. My pussy strangled his cock, he was bigger and thicker than my boyfriend.

Dear God this man could fuck! He popped a finger into my ass and pushed his cock against my g-spot. My pussy squirted its sweet nectar all over his cock. His cock took the last plunge inside my fuck hole before his cum coated the inside my pussy.

Just as he pulled out I could hear a car pull into the driveway. Fuck! My boyfriend came back and hear I was full of cum. My client slipped out the back door silently as my guy came into the room. “Are you ready to behave little girl?”

forced sex stories