Fantasy sex stories about BDSM and rough sex are my kind of read.

Fantasy sex stories mainly come from you guys! As a phone sex operator,  I can’t always rely on my own slutty past I need some inspiration, which this caller did give me!

My wrists were tied to the footboard and a rope ran under the bed and each end was tightly tied to my ankles. I couldn’t close my legs the way he rigged it. My boyfriend and I got into a spat and he left me tied up and walked out.

My wrists were sore and my knees were weak. I heard someone at my front door and called out for help. Thank God it was the UPS delivery guy. Embarrassed as I was, I was also relieved until he said my name as a question.

This is where the call got hot and I knew it was perfect to add to my fantasy sex stories vault!

“Aly?” He asked. “Umm no my name isn’t Aly,” I said feeling the worry rise. “No, I know who you are, you’re Alyson from Phone Sex Kingdom. We talk all the time! I know it’s you. Why are you tied up?” He asked somewhat excited.

I felt utterly vulnerable and needed to get him to untie me and fast before he realized what a huge advantage he had on me. “So you gonna help me out or?” I said testing my bonds again. He tugged on them and said they were pretty tight. My body quivered as his eyes raped over my body.

“Hmm, you know I don’t think I will untie you just yet, we’ve had so many calls and I’ve pictured my cock inside of your for so long. I think I’ll wait, sweetie,” he said as his hand smoothed over my bare ass.

You know you’re hot to find out what happened next! Did he force himself on me as I begged him to stop or did I accept my fate and just enjoy it? Find out next week when I dish on my hot fantasy with my caller! Until then, read one of my favorite blogs on taboo phone sex!

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