Forced sex stories had you pretty hot and heavy in our last Blog.  If you haven’t had a chance to read that incredibly hot accomplice phone sex blog, I would love to catch you up.  It all started with you being the sexy professional cheer-leading coach.  Parents have been paying you thousands of dollars to get their little angels in shape for upcoming cheer-leading try-out and competitions.  Of course, with all of the demands for your services, you will need a lovely assistant to help.  Now that’s where I come in!   I am not only the best assistant that you have ever had, but I prove to be a wonderful accomplice age play partner. 

When we last left off, that conceited little slut Ariel had been invited to come to a secret designated spot to try on the new cheer-leading uniforms.  She is one of the young girls that you coach. She is fucking hot as fuck and she knows that she has been driving you crazy.  Teasing you with her tiny little skirt and tight tops.  Smart little sexy comments that make it hard to hide that bulging hard-on.  Of course, she knows what she is doing and she loves having that power.  However, as your assistant and accomplice age play partner, I won’t let her get away with it.  

Let the games begin!

She arrived and came into the building where we had already set things up.   Her arrogance was oozing with every comment she made and I could not wait to make her our own personal little fuck toy.  She followed me down to the basement, continuing to chat and complain the entire time.  By the time she realized that something was amidst it was too late. There were no uniforms to try on, there were no other cheerleaders there and that when you step out of the shadows. 

You start to approach her,  dressed in all black and wearing a mask.  I love the look of fear and terror on her face.  Not knowing who you are or what the fuck is about to happen has her nervous.  She tried to run past me to exit the basement but was met with my steady fist.  You spring into action grabbing her by her feet and dragging her over the mattress that sat on the floor in the corner of the basement. 

Forced sex stories have never been this hot! 

You are so fucking excited to taste test that sweet little young pussy that was been teasing you so long.  I love watching you rip her clothes off, as you toss her around like a rag doll.  She is such a fighter and even began to scream.  I grabbed her by the throat and squeezed until the sounds stopped and the tears flowed. 

 “Shut, the fuck up you little cunt”, I commanded her. Until she figured it out, every time she struggled he bashed her head on the basement floor. She still tried to scream, fight and tried to get away, but it was hopeless. She had been knocked in the head so much she was almost unconscious.  Now the forced sex stories are about to get turned up a few degrees.  

Naked and scared!

That is just how we wanted her, naked and scared.   Your cock is hard and ready.   I whisper in your ear reminding you of all the time this little cunt has teased you.  She knew full well that she was making your cock hard and she continued to tease you and now you have her to do whatever you want.  That was like music to your ears, as you released your cock.  I climb on her face and sit to muffle her screams.

You push that fat cock head into her tiny young pussy.  I loved watching your eyes roll back into your head as you’re forcing your cock into her virgin pussy.  That was like a bonus, she was such a flirt and had so many boyfriends you never expected her to be a virgin.  That made your already massive cock grow another inch or two.    The sounds of her muffled tear and your groans make me so wet.

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