Forced sex stories like this, definitely need a hot and sexy accomplice.  That’s what I am here for, to make your kinky age play phone sex fantasy so vivid that you can’t help but explode.  In our taboo phone sex roleplay, you are the sexy professional cheerleading coach of several young hotties.  Parents are paying you big bucks to get their young sweet girls into shape for the upcoming cheerleading competition.  So you have hired me as an assistant to help with getting the girl right and ready.

During the first few weeks of training, I began to notice a few things. Not wanting to stir the pot right away, so I just continued to just observe and make mental notes.   I notice how those little young sluts always seemed to flirt with you and the awkward way you would respond.  They seemed to get off on the fact that they could tease you and leave you standing there trying to hide your obvious hard-on.   They knew exactly what they were doing.  Tease and Denial were on full display.  So being the great assistant that I am, I decided I would help you out.  I am ready to assist you in making our forced sex stories just the way we like them. 

Forced sex stories in the making

There was one girl that had been teasing you the most.  Cute little thing, with perky tits, and a tight little ass, named Ariel.   The week prior I told her that I was ordering new cheerleading uniforms and I wanted her help.  She is such a conceited little slut, knowing she had the best body out of all the girls it was not hard to convince her. So I slid her the address to the fitting and she agreed to meet me there.  She has no idea what I had planned for her. It’s time to make her into one of many of our forced sex stories. 

I get everything set up to make sure this goes without a hitch.  You wait patiently in the shadows until it’s time for you to show yourself.  I sent one of the cheerleading uniforms to her and advised her to come wearing it so I could see what it looked like on her.  It was a cute uniform, I knew you would be drooling all over it.  The skirt was very short.  I mean so short that when she walked up to the building her ass cheeks hung out the bottom.  It was so hot to watch her tug at the bottom. Even the top was low-cut, very revealing.   She looked as if she was auditioning for some sort of schoolgirl porn.  Perfect, because that was just the look I was going for. 

No turning back now!

As she was walking up to the building, she could see me peeking at her through the window.  I watched her as she sashayed her way to the door.  Before she could even knock on the door I opened it and she walked in. I immediately shut the door and locked it behind her.   I told her to follow me and the rest of the uniforms were in the back.  Looking at her surrounding as she followed in tow we headed down to the room in the basement.   

When we reached the basement I opened the door for her and told her to go on down.   She was nervous and walking super slow once inside she realized that something was amidst it was too late. There were no uniforms to try on, there were no other cheerleaders there and that when you step out of the shadows.   She panics and tries to run past me, but is met with my fist hitting her so hard that she falls to the ground.  She was a fighter and tried to stand up but I had knocked the shit out of her and she was still pretty woozy.  You grab her by the feet dragging her over to a mattress that is in the corner of the basement. 

No more teasing!

Damn, you are excited can not wait to get that tight little cunt that she has been teasing you with.  You toss her on the mattress like a ragdoll and throw yourself on top of her and start to rip at those tiny little panties.  She starts to scream, but we can not have that now can we.   I  grabbed her by the throat, choking her until she was almost unconscious.  “Shut, the fuck up you little cunt”, I demanded of her. Every time she struggled he bashed her head on the ground as he ripped off the tiny uniform.  She screamed, tried to fight, and get away but each time she would get knocked in the head until she was almost unconscious again.  

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