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Winter has been cold you have had to endure those cute little objects of your affection fully dressed in coats, hats, and gloves.   Poor you, longing for the warm spring and hot summer when all those little hot bodies are running around in bikinis, shorts, and sometimes nothing at all. Do you want to know what I think? I think we should take a trip to Mallory’s World and satisfy those urges that make your cock stand up at night. Get ready to enter into my taboo phone sex world, where nothing will be off-limits or denied. Allow me to be your naughty accomplice, your wingman that is able to help you get it all done, just the way you like it. 

What will our special time be like?

Do you know the most exquisite thing about our uninhibited time together?  You can put it all on the table, be as nasty and naughty as you want to be.  In Mallory’s World, age or sex will never be a factor. As I said before this is a judgment-free zone.  Because I know exactly what you are feeling.  We both know your cock has been craving something young, sweet, and innocent. You’ve been in need of that kinky accomplice age play partner that is willing to help you satisfy those needs.  Don’t be shy, you can open up!  It’s time you found the right person to share your fantasies and naughty confessions.  You have the opportunity to have no limits when it comes to our taboo playtime.

What are those kinky thoughts you have been unable to share with even your closest friend? They are hot in your head but when the two of us get together can make them fucking explosive. There is nothing, and I do mean nothing in our age play phone sex time that we can not explore.

So what’s your pleasure for our accomplice age play call?

All you need to do is tell me your fantasies and secret desires that make the pre-cum spew from your cock head.  I’m very open-minded, which means, I want to encourage your naughty and depraved thoughts.  I want our accomplice age play fantasies to lead us where ever you want to go.  Imagine me in my bikini and you in your swim shorts on the beach, scoping out the perfect little treat for us to carry back to our suite. How young would our little lamb be?  Sure you may not have thought out all the details.  However, that’s where I come in.  My detailed and vivid imagination will have your cock leaking and overjoyed with excitement. 

I bet you’ve been thinking about this one little fawn in the neighborhood.   How fucking hot would it be for your girlfriend, Mallory to get a job babysitting?  Imagine me become the trusted nanny prepping and priming her for our sick and twisted fantasies.  I’d make sure to call you over to help reap the spoils.    

In me,  you have the perfect partner!

Allow me to be the partner that strokes your fetish and kinky desire for that taboo experience.  Let me help you think of the naughtiest ways to use our new little toy.   I promise to be the one to muffle her screams with my hands or my wet pussy.  Of course, you have probably had age play phone sex before, but with me, it will be an experience like you have never had before.   Let me paint you that virtual picture that will leave you wanting more.   

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