Age play sex stories are naturally just fucking hot.  However, when you include a naughty accomplice phone sex playmate like me then things get really interesting.  We both know that those naughty cock jerking thoughts are what lead you to this blog.   Don’t worry baby, I like it dirty and all of your secrets are safe with me.   Besides, I take my role very seriously too.   Helping you explore those deep dark desires that make your cock throb is what I do.  I want to hear all the naughty thoughts so that the two of us can make sure that everything goes as planned.   Are you ready to go on a naughty adventure, where anything goes?

Summertime Age Play Sex Stories Begin!

Summertime has just arrived.   It’s like a breeding ground for our naughty age play sex stories. There are so many places that we can find the sweet young treats that we crave.  You just have to know what you want. I will enjoy hearing what your choice for our escapades and in the summer you have plenty to choose from.  Just know this, as your accomplice phone sex expert, I aim to please.  

Location Location Location!

Well in the summertime to possibilities are limitless.  Here are just a few of my favorite places for hunting.   I love a nice public pool.  Our treats running around in tiny swimsuits.   Tired hot mommies unattentive, leaving us plenty of time to pick and choose.  The beach is another location that offers the same luxuries for hunting.  Amusement parks, campgrounds, and more.  The list is endless.  You pick the place and we can make it happen.

How our naughty plan will work!

Now that we have decided what type of prey we want, and what location will be our start point, now we need to put our accomplice phone sex plan in motion.  I will dress the part.  Gathering my blonde hair in a cute ponytail and slip on my eye-popping bikini.   Slipped on some cut off jean shorts on top and I was ready to make moves.   We move to the location in our SUV.  We sit together picking out the perfect young treat for our age play sex stories.    Once we have selected, it’s time to put our plan into motion.   

 I allow you to climb in the back of our well-tinted SUV.  Once you are hidden in the back,  I’ll drive over, stopping the truck directly in front of our cute little victim.    What will I tell little sweet treat to get them to come with me?   Well,  it depends on the age of the prey you decided to pick out.  But don’t worry, as your accomplice phone sex partner in crime I will say all the right things to get our package into our ride.  Besides, look at me, I look totally cute and trusting, why wouldn’t our prey want a ride or get whatever I have offered them? After getting out package into to car we quickly leave the location and head back to our place.   

I’ll keep her busy with a conversation!

I’ll pretend to be interested in whatever they are talking about.   Asking what is the prey’s favorite type of music, to distract them from noticing when driven past the street I am supposed to be turning on.   I turn up the radio to drown out any noise you might be making in the back seat, as you pour the chloroform a rag.   As soon as they start to question the direction that we are traveling, that is your signal.   When you hear that, that’s when you pop up from the backseat and smother its face with a chloroformed rag.  Our prey does struggle and fights back for a few seconds before finally passing out.  I continue driving on to our place and I am to have a little fun with you.   

We drive all the way into the garage, out of sight from the prying nosey neighbors.   I quickly close the garage doors, while you retrieve our package from the truck.   You sling our sweet treat over your shoulder and carry her in the house.  So tell me, what’s your naughty secret desire for out catch?  Tonight it’s like Burger King and we can have it our way.  It’s time for all of your taboo phone sex dreams to come true.

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