Forced Sex – the best sex!

It had been an awesome day I had no idea that later, I would be on the catching end of hard forced sex.

I spent the day shopping with my girlfriends at the mall, trying to find the hottest little outfit. I found the perfect one! My girlfriends dropped me off, and we had made plans for me to sneak out around 10 p.m. My dad was the only one home and he always drank way too much and just wound up passing out in front of the TV. I had already bubble bathed, shaved and was blending my make up when I heard Daddy call me from his Den.

“Anna? Get me another beer!” I winced looking at my phone it was already 920 pm and he should have been asleep by now. I grabbed an ice-cold beer, and tied my robe tight, letting my hair hang covering my painted face, “Here ya go Daddy” He popped the top. ” You sure smell good Anna Banana, and is that makeup?”

I smile my big daddies girl smile and batted my big green eyes. ” Daddy I told you I was going over Sams for a girlfriends get together!”

Daddy took a step back, eyeing me up and down as if he was looking over a menu. “Samantha’s Huh,? she’s the one that goes to St. Bernadette’s Catholic school, right?”

I just shook my head unable to look my daddy in the eye. ” Robe Anna?” He touched my bare thigh with his ice-cold fingertips, before grabbing the belt and yanking the pretty satin bow lose. Under, I wore a short jean cutoff skirt and a black velour shirt with heart and diamond cutouts. The biggest cut out between my tits showing off my crisp cleavage. my pussy got wet, my body betraying me once again my delicate flower was turning itself into a forced sex object.

I knew I was in trouble, my daddy was already tipsy, and I felt his hands trace down the center of my tits. ” You expect me to believe “JUST GIRLS” are going to be there? I couldn’t even look him in the face knowing that I had lied.

“You know how I feel about lying Anna?” I shook my head yes I just knew I wasn’t making it to Sam’s party. ” Get on your knees” I look at my father confused. His dark hair, the scruff of his 2 days no shave beard, and his glasses looking through me. His robe hangs open and he stood before he, showcasing his fuzzy chest and tummy.

Still standing in awe

My Daddy forced me down and started a blowjob that I can’t describe any better than hard, primal forced sex face fuck. “You wanna LIE TO ME?” He growled. ” Dressed Like a CHEAP fucking WHORE and want to lie to me?” His Dick pumped my mouth and my throat harder.

Daddy shoved his huge hard cock thick and veiny down my throat, and said: ” I’m sure your slut friends will be here any second, maybe I Should SHOW Them How FORCED SEX can be with a very STERN and STRICT Daddy?”

“maybe I’ll show them how DADDY can fill that slutty pussy since you seem to have an INSATIABLE CUM FETISH!”

Then my daddy showed my self-worth…

…. To be Continued

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