Impregnation, pregnancy, and breeding have been growing fetishes of mine.

My fantasy and love for Impregnation? Let me explain.

I love the thought of a passionate fuck fest, skin to skin. No Condom, no barrier just primal fucking to procreate. I want to know what that rush of warm sperm will feel like rushing and racing to attack my womb. I so badly want to be a mommy. Even my friends are starting to notice my impregnation fetish. It seems as if my want for a baby and a swollen pregnant belly is growing daily.

Baby bump …

Some of my friends who already are mothers have told me many stories about how they became hornier while pregnant. Impregnation making you hornier?  I don’t even know how that could be physically possible with my libido. My hunger and appetite for sex is already insatiable, but add my impregnation fetish and constant need of wanting to have a baby in my belly?

The thought of becoming a mommy excites me…

Carrying life inside me is a sexy thought. The thought of having hot passionate sex ( who knows maybe while even having hot phone sex) with a rock hard rod milking all that yummy baby batter into me. Rocking my soft sensual body to a flower opening orgasm, so your precious seed can fill me at that perfect moment.

My long-lived desire for a passionate impregnation fulfilled.

Spilling your legacy into my fertile womb would be the first of many pleasures. Thinking of the changes my body would go through. My belly swelling with the life you helped me to form, from pure lust and passion. My tits growing heavy with milk for nourishment. Lactating while I slowly rock when riding your hard cock, enveloping you in my swollen pregnant pussy. Bouncing harder until streams of creamy mommy milk cover us. So Sticky creamy and sweet.

Is your seed the one I’m in need of?

Potent and aggressive and aching to fill my womb

Impregnation maybe my…

the ultimate fantasy

Are you man enough to make me a mommy?

Cum and share my pregnancy fetish – I want your seed!


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