A little forced sex can be kinky..

A forced sex adventure sounds a little mean, right? Sometimes it gets so hard to justify one of my wicked, secret rape fantasies.. But why should you have to justify what gets you off when you’re just playing with yourself? Luckily, my boyfriend knows just how to use my fantasies against me in the best way. He knows I love to get a little bratty and sass him when I’m wanting him to fire back and take control of me. A little hard rough sex is all it takes sometimes, so he’s never one to shy away from it. The best part is how he pretends like he’s not giving into what I’m doing. He pretends he’s actually getting annoyed with my half-flirty sassy remarks. It’s not long before he gets to come take control of me and make me all his.

Soon enough, I get exactly what I wanted.

Sometimes it’s even meaner than expected. The last time we got to play like this, I’d been teasing and blueballing him all day.. and then scurrying off to ‘work’ or play games. It was a little more covert than my usual antics, where I get a little bratty and flirty, just to ask him ‘what are you gonna do about it?’ As obvious and playful as that is, he can read between the lines with some of my other teasing, too. The last time he caught me, I’d been ‘working’ away, browsing the internet after blue-balling him all morning. Within ten minutes of me leaving the room, he came in after me without saying a word. He simply picked me up and tossed me on the bed. The second his hands pinned me down, I knew I was in for more than I accounted for. Forced sex and one hell of a night.. The look in his eyes tipped my little game in his favor. There was no way I was getting out of bed that night, not without being sore.

Come play with me.

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