Forced sex is not how you thought it would go.

I mean sure you fantasized about forced sex. Sometimes about forcing a woman and pushing your “manhood” inside of her. Other times, you would fantasize about being forced to take a cock. When I came along and offered to do the lather you thought it was just a joke. You thought that I was just being flirty.

But I wasn’t being flirty at all. I saw you in the bar with your wedding ring on and I could just tell you would be plenty of fun to play with. After a few outings together and lots of shared beer and wine, you finally told me. You told me all about the cuckold fantasy porn you watch and about the forced sex porn too. When I told you that I had experience cuckolding and humiliating my last ex-boyfriend, you were practically grinning ear to ear.

Nervously, you told me it was your hottest fantasy to think about being dicked down by a cock.

The way you worded it was funny. It sounded like you were trying to attach to the last bit of masculinity you still had. But they quickly faded when I began texting and calling my friends from college. They were all football players and were all black. You wondered to yourself if the stereotype was true, but shamed yourself for thinking generic thoughts.

When they came over, I told you beforehand it was just a quick meet and greet. But when they arrived, your eyes kept following them all around the living room while they were talking. You got on your knees when they told you too. Of course, you didn’t have to think. You just obeyed whatever the strong black man was saying and opened your mouth wide. I started giggling and getting my camera out. I knew your wife would love to see this!


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