Why do girls like forced sex scenarios?

For me, honestly, I like forced sex scenarios because I don’t have to feel bad about liking rough sex. In a fantasy, I get everything I want without having to feel bad about being a slut, since I didn’t have any control over it. And, getting all the rough sex you want, having all of your desires forced upon you where you can’t be at fault… that’s a goldmine for a lot of girls. That’s what forced sex fantasies are about.

One of my darker fantasies involves forced sex. It starts with me in a bar, of course, trying to hit on guys but not getting very lucky. I’m dressed in a short dress, one that cuts low over my breasts, hoping to gain attention. But nothing seems to be working, so I sip my drink and tap on my phone that I’ll be home early tonight.

I get up, I realize that I must have had more than I expected because I’m tipsy already. I make my way outside to wait for a cab when strong hands wrap themselves around my waist and lead me to the alleyway.

A mouth presses itself against mine, and I try to turn away.

Despite my best efforts, I can’t move. Fingers harshly grip my jaw and press our mouths together. “No,” I try to say, but it’s muffled. Another hand is making its way into my panties, my dress hiked up while I’m pressed against the wall. I can feel a hard cock grinding against my stomach, and it doesn’t take long before he’s got his hand against my throat, his cock deep inside me. He keeps going and going, and I can’t breathe. I can’t complain about his pace, which somehow hits my G-spot every time he thrusts into me. We could be discovered at any moment, but he doesn’t seem to care. And with that uncaring, he cums inside me, leaving me alone in the alley.


See what I mean? Public sex, rough sex, asphyxiation… all kinks of mine, and none I take the blame for. That’s the glory of forced sex fantasies. Got some fetish phonesex desires of your own? Call!

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