I’m Dawn.  I want you to call me for some kinky phone sex while I tell you about me.  I was married to Steven a little over three years ago when I was still seventeen. Still, a virgin when I got married with little knowledge of sex, all too soon sex with my beloved Steven became somewhat routine. He worked the midnight shift and had a close relationship with his manager, Rod. Thanks to Rod I learned about forced sex cuckold.

Rod is a huge guy and a really tough boss, but he is alright if you stay on his good side. With that in mind, we even invited him to our wedding, soon after Steven started working for him. Our apartment is close to their work. Rod often comes home with him after work and has a few beers before he goes home to his wife and kids.

Naturally, at this hour, I’m just getting up and is usually still in my nightgown or just a t-shirt and robe. Needless to say, Rod gets to see a lot of me. Since this kind of excited Steven and I both, and I knew Rod was enjoying it; Steven told me not to be shy, and maybe even sometimes put on a little tease show for their benefit. I couldn’t help it I giggled and blushed when he suggested this, but soon after our little talk, I started walking around in just my lingerie. Rod would tease me a lot about my big tits, long legs, tight ass, and sometimes he even pulled me down on his lap, feeling my tits or putting his big hand between my thighs.

One day, Steve called and said Rod was leaving early, but that he would still meet Steven at our apartment for his morning beer. I had a suspicion that he was going to come to our apartment and start drinking early. I did not know that I would experience forced sex cuckold. There are not all that many places to go at four o’clock in the morning, but there was not too much I could do about it.

When I woke to the knock on the door I thought it was just Stephen. I was not really awake yet, and before I knew what was happening, I was cuckolding Steve. Rod had me down on the sofa, had dropped his pants, and was entering my tiny little pussy. I was scared of him. How strong he was and did not want to make trouble for Steven at work. I looked around I saw Stephen, Rod was cuckolding Steven. Rod fucked me repeatedly emptying his balls deep in my pussy, creating an overflowing creampie.

When  Rod was lifting me onto our coffee table. He made me bend over so he could slowly insert his thick cock into my virgin asshole. Steven watched, at first shocked then he cheered him on to ass fucking me. I whimpered a little as he entered me, and begged him to take it out. Rod just kept pulling me back and forth on his prick. He kept it up for at least five minutes before he pulled out of my ass and commanded me to suck him dry. I took him into my mouth and began sucking and licking and slurping as hard as I could. Rod shuddered a moment, and then he allowed himself to shoot his cum into my mouth. Well, that started a new routine.

After the first time Rod forced sex cuckold, he fucked me, I just played along with whatever he wanted me to do. Every morning, when Rod and Steven got to our apartment, I would blow him and then HRod would take me into the bedroom and fuck me a time or two before he left. As I was blowing Rod I looked up and said, “Are you having as much fun as I am?” Steven could only nod as Rod began to shoot his load into my mouth when Rod finished with me; he would make Stephen eat his creampie, Rod’s cum out of my pussy. Steven was not all that jealous of Rod, and I enjoyed the attention. Some mornings, I would really put on a show, stripping and strutting around, showing off my body. But then I was  Forced bi Body worship at a young age so it was nothing new.

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