I have the best roleplay partner for forced sex phonesex.

My caller, M, never fails to get me excited about his forced sex scenarios. I always start our roleplay by storming into his place, swinging open the door. My heels click on his floor, and my sundress, with nothing underneath, flares as I slam the door shut. I demand to know why such a perv looks and jacks off to my online photos. M whines a bit, blabbers something as an excuse, so I hit him over the face.

“You pathetic little bitch,” I tell him. “I’ll really give you something to cry about.” I spit in his face and shove him to the ground.

M falls on his back and I stomp on his balls, hoping to crush them beneath my heels. Shouts of pain reach my ears and I stomp on his cock in response. “Shut up, you little bitch. You love this. You’re already getting hard from it.”

M sobs and shakes his head, but I kick him in the ribs, pulling out a knitting needle from my purse. “Let’s make sure you don’t cum before you should,” I tell him and jam the knitting needle up his urethra. It’s my makeshift sound. His body shakes and trembles, and he’s panting and pleading with me to stop. I’m not about to stop forcing him to be my bitch. This is what a degenerate like him deserves: forced sex that makes him see what a pathetic, little bitch he is.

“Why don’t you get a better look at the pussy you’ve been lusting after?” I ask, and I squat over his face. He’s still babbling, so I grip his chin in my hands and make his head stay still as I piss all over his face. I take a shit on it, too, for good measure.

That’s all the disgusting pig of a pervert called M deserves.

“Now then,” I tell him, stepping on his gut as I walk over to his penis. The knitting needle is still inside it. “I’m going to take care of your pervert problem once and for all.” I pull the needle out and slam it back in, trying to get the needle to reach his bladder. “I’m going to make all your cum go bye-bye, M.”

And, at that point, the cum has gone bye-bye, no longer in his balls.

I love forced sex with M; call me so I can have humiliation phone sex with you, too!

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