Forced Sex  Fuck me, Daddy


I started having sex WAY young. Forced sex to start and when my mom left, I was finally able to say Fuck me, Daddy. But then Daddy forced me to do and become more than I had fantasized. One reason I love being a Phone Sex Operator is so I can relive and brag about all my sexual encounters.

Like having Daddy fuck me like his personal fuck slut cum dump. I can tell you having cum in me is an amazing feeling of being owned and territory marking.

It feels like getting bred. He is my favorite all-time cock. Rock hard and with a girth that completely blocked any chance of his cum escaping.

I swear to you MOST of the time his long cock bangs into my cervix with every thrust. Then presses painfully tight against it as he orgasms.

There have been plenty of times he will get so rough that his cock head breaks into my cervix and shoots his load straight into my womb.


Yes. I am the Unlimited GFE (Girl Friend Experience), the Southern MILF that you get for anything you can imagine phone sex. But you see, I truly am unlimited. So, with me, it is often just me reliving memories with you.

Like me saying Fuck me, Daddy

Don’t get me wrong I love my job forced sex or not. The variety of all the kinky sexy fun to play and cum is always stimulating and arousing for me.

But forced sex scenarios are one of my favorite roles to play during age play phone sex.

Of course, it helps that I have actually been forced and rapped. I will admit, I orgasmed so hard every time that I loved them all sexually afterward.

So, when you fantasize about blackmail or force or rape during a pleasure call… HHHHuummmmmm

I do love telling you stories of my sexual adventures.

Like the time I used blackmail to force this juicy young lady into being my personal servant.

I turned her into my body servant, sexual and personal. It was so powerfully erotic having this… (evil giggle) Let us say 18-year-old girl, that looks a bit like a mild goth Maryland Monroe.

With her light blonde curls, luscious curves, innocent smile, and naive eyes learn to shave my pussy and legs keeping me smooth and trimmed up. LOL, hearing her call out “I’m a dirty girl” as she is getting fucked for my pleasure…

LOL, oh my yes.

The feel of her fingers sliding all over my pussy, while I am laying there having her service my pleasure. How her fingers felt sliding between my cunt and his cock as it thrust into me. How she begged to be allowed to serve my man and be allowed to cum, and receive his cum. Ugh, I get swollen just remembering it.

I especially love, when a lady’s compliance is being coerced by me and my man into being our sexual servant. Those calls where I am either the victim or perpetrator are some of my other favorites also.

I love to USE my lover’s cock to choke a woman till she begs to be fucked and treated like the cum dump she is. When she accepts her place as MY sex toy to use her body for my pleasure and my partner’s pleasure.

When their minds say no, but their bodies scream “DEAR GODS YES”.

It makes me feel so powerful when I make a woman’s body respond and use them against her. Where they force her to accept her place as my sex doll for my pleasure.

I make her become the sex slave to me and fuck any cock I tell her too and in any way I choose.

And I do so love watching my lover’s cock force sex fuck slide into a pussy I control.

I even share them with my daddy till I get too aroused then I yet again I demand, “Fuck me Daddy”

Some day I will tell you how this Phone Sex Operator became Daddys Dirty Girl



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