Daddys Dirty Girl

This is how Daddy fucks his daughter I did not set out to make my daughter daddys dirty girl. It happened rather naturally. Trina is exquisite. Slightly overweight infectious dimpled smile, long blonde curls, green eyes, her skin stayed very pale. She has always been slightly overweight.

I truly did not notice Trina’s body changing as she grew older. She was very intelligent so much so she had to be homes schooled. Then she graduated High School very early and went straight into college. Way too young to go away to college and with Covid shutting down campuses she continued homeschooling. But then she got the letter about her finishing early and got her first Associate Arts degree. She was in an extremely bouncy playful mood and

daddys dirty girl
daddys dirty girl

Daddys dirty girl was about to be born.

I was laying on the couch. She was so happy she ran in with the mail and jumped on me. Straddling my hips, her bald fat pussy lips landed right on my cock. Her wet heat was a shock to my system. As she babbled on reading from the letter telling me about it.  I barely heard her voice.

She bounced up and down. Her lush breasts bouncing.

I had instinctively grabbed her hips when she pounced onto my body. And the feel of her juicy booty on my thighs, the dip of her waist in my hands.

She did not stay on me long. She was too full of joy and energy to stay in one place but it was too late.

My cock was harder and longer than I had ever felt it. This was my baby girl, barely an adult certainly not mature, how could I have such dirty desires,

to crave a cunt I had made.

And I was very angry with myself and yet aroused more than when I was a teen.

The day my daughter became daddys dirty girl

I had just come out of the shower, jerking off again yet unsatisfied into my bedroom. Then this sexual creature came to me obviously vulnerable, very timid, almost cringing; which made me feel all the more sexually dominant and aggressive.

Her subservient attitude caused visions of her on her knees, me fucking her face rough. Taking what I desired whether she enjoyed it or not flash into my mind.

She walked up, her head down, 5’4 she is almost a foot shorter than me. And slid her arms under my arms, pulling herself into a hug, my semi-erect cock pressed right against her cool flesh.

In a trembling voice, she begged me not to be angry with her anymore. She said she would do anything if I would forgive her.

daddys dirty girl
daddys dirty girl

The entire time her body is rubbing mine. Her breasts pressing into me I could feel how hard her nipples are. Getting angrier and angrier, feeling more aggressive and sexually charged.

I grabbed her by her shoulders pushing her back a little. I started yelling at her. Telling her what slut she was, how much of a filthy whore she was.

She was shocked, tears welled up and slid down her face as she listened as I berated her for being such a deviant to turn her father on. To try to

force daddy to fuck her

like she so obviously desires. Yelling in her face I told her what a fuck slut she was and that she had succeeded. Grabbing her hand, I wrapped it around my fully erect cock that only minutes before had cum but was again hard as stone.

I demanded she admits she wanted daddy’s dick to fuck her. To use her body as a cum dump as my sex slave. Letting her hand go I gripped her breasts, squeezing them none too gently. Pinching the nipples and pulling them, twisting as I did.

It took me a moment to realize that even as I screamed degrading things into my baby girl’s face. Things I did not really mean and had no idea where the word came from.

My daughter was steadily stroking my cock.

Then I realized her breathing had turned ragged, her eyes glazed with lust. Even as I let go of her completely trying to bring myself to sanity. Then stepping back, she stepped with me, continuing to stroke my cock.

daddys dirty girl
daddys dirty girl

“yes Sir, I am yours to use as you will Daddy,” she said breathlessly. “ I have always belonged to you, I am daddys cum dump, Your slut, I know I am daddys dirty girl. Make me dirty daddy. Give me your cum. Make me your sex slave fuck toy”

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daddys dirty girl
daddys dirty girl