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“yes Sir, I am yours to use as you will Daddy,” she said breathlessly. “ I have always belonged to you, I am daddys cum dump, Your slut, I know I am daddys dirty girl. Make me dirty daddy. Give me your cum. Make me your sex slave fuck toy” With that, she knelt down.

Speaking right at my cock

as if it were a microphone. “I have yearned for you for years. Accept me as your property, your deviant daughter. I will do anything you want of me.”

With that, she wrapped her lips around my cock head and started to suck my cock. It was obvious she had no clue how to give a blow job, but I thought I will teach her later. To see her lips stretching around my girth I could not have stopped if it meant death. I took her head in my hands and started pushing my cock into her mouth. Further and further, slowly to see if she would change her mind.

When I felt the back of her throat, I pulled my cock completely out of her mouth. Looking into her eyes I told her to keep her lips tight around my shaft. Then I pushed all the way in, in one last hard thrust. My cock hit the back of her throat hard enough to push her head back.

Gripping her head firmer, I jabbed my cock again, forcing it into her throat itself. Her hands came up to my thighs. Her nails sunk into them. But she did not try to push away as

daddys cum dump
daddys cum dump

I forced my cock balls deep into my baby girl.

I watched her face as her eyes teared up as she choked on my cock. It felt amazing to have half my cock milked by her throat and the rest messaged by her tongue as she tried instinctively to swallow.

Cum boiled in my balls, my mind on fire thoughts racing. But one thought was dominant. I did not want to cum in her mouth or throat. At least not yet. I needed my cock in that bald fat pussy I had been craving for days.

Pulling her off my cock, listening to her try to catch her breath as tears streamed down her face, I almost shot my load right there all over her pretty face.

“whos pussy is that” I demanded of her. “It is your pussy daddy, it is your ass, It is your mouth.

My entire body is yours to do with as pleases you.”

I yanked her up off her knees, she stumbled as I shoved her towards the bed. Making her fall on her back at the edge of the bed. I grabbed her pussy, it was swollen and dripping juices. The proof of her arousal all the way down on her thighs.

I pulled her legs up and wide. Her lush breasts, wide hips, her slight belly all laid out for me to see. Putting her legs over my shoulder I pulled her wide open and I could actually see the juices flowing out of her tiny pussy opening.

My cock looked huge compared to her pussy. I knew it was going to be tight. “Who does this pussy belong to?” I demanded
“This body belongs to you daddy, it’s your pussy, I am completely daddys dirty girl.”
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Daddys cum dump
Daddys cum dump