Daddy fucks his daughter

As Daddy fucks his daughter she whines in pain and fear. “Daddy it hurts,” She said whimpering as he forces his cock into her tight pussy. “You don’t want to make daddy mad do you,” He said. “It only hurts at first few times”

“But it hurts bad” almost sobbing in pain as daddy pushed his cock in further.

“Your friends are all doing this with their daddie.”

“No, they’re not, they wouldn’t”

Tears welling up in her eyes. As he started to fuck in her tight hole going in and out as much of his length as he can force in.

Daddy said “Yes, they are how would you know? Did you ask them? They are just good at keeping it secret like you are going to.”

As her whimpers of pain got louder.

“Shhhh it does not hurt. You don’t want to wake momma and her to see what you are doing do you?”

Tears starting to slide down her face. He grabbed her nipples and pulled. “This is how you will get what you want one day.” Daddy fucks his daughter with harder and harder strokes picking up the speed.

“You have to learn to be a woman. You won’t learn this from your mom. It takes a man to teach you how to fuck.”

By this point, she is gasping and moaning in pain but also pleasure as her body starts to respond to the biological manipulation.

Daddy fucking his daughter faster and harder with each stroke. She is crying tears flowing yet the pleasure coursing through her body overcoming the pain.

The pain still sharp making her whimper and gasp the pleasure.

Making her moan as daddy’s long thick cock slid in and out of her tiny tight pussy.

The slight curve of his cock making each thrust drag his cock head across her g-spot. Even as his groin and pubic hairs dragged across her bald pussy lips and clit.

As her body’s pleasure took over more and more her body relaxed. Making it possible for him to get more and more of his cock in her tiny pussy.

Until suddenly the pleasure was cut through with sharp pain with each inward thrust, as daddy started to slam his full-length in.

His cock head hitting her cervix hard while still creating such intense pleasure from her g-spot and clit.

She was sobbing in confusion, pain, and pleasure.

Daddy wraps one of his hands on her throat making it harder for her to breathe. Also silencing her.

With everything her body was experiencing even the pain that grew with daddy’s every move, her very first orgasm began to overtake her.

As daddy fucks his daughter the first time her tiny pussy spasmed, gripping his cock so hard for a moment he stopped moving.

Her pussy gripping so hard it almost hurts his cock but feeling so good he felt his own orgasm building.

His toes curl, from the small of his back to his knees his muscles contract. His balls pull up so far they go completely into his groin cavity.

As daddy fucks his daughter he pushes in knowing his cock head is pressing against her cervix hurting her more.

He did not care. He could feel her cervix opening and closing like a tiny mouth on the head of his cock.

While his shaft was gripped hard as her pussy spasmed over and over.

He could not wait longer. Pushing in as far as he could go actually pushing into her cervix he blasted jet after jet of cum filled with his fertile seed straight into her womb…

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Daddy fucks his daughter
Daddy fucks his daughter

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