Raping a virgin teen

Raping a virgin teen has always been my fetish. And I love it when I can blackmail a girl into my apartment. Then it is a simple matter of having my way with one.

Pulling her legs apart. I knelt between them and pushed my fingers into her pussy. Despite it being well lubricated my fingers wouldn’t go in very far as she was still clearly a virgin.

As she lay helpless on her back I took hold of my cock. And guided it to the lips of her pussy. Pulling the lips open with my other hand I sunk my cock up to the entrance to her love channel and paused.

I love that moment just before you deflower a virgin

When you know they are powerless to stop you. You know that your cock is about to be squeezed in the vice-like grip of their love canal; until you achieve satisfaction.

Raping a virgin teen
Raping a virgin teen

Gripping her hips with both hands I pulled her forward slightly and increased the pressure against her. Feeling my cock slowly open her up. Pushing a bit harder I felt the head tear aside her hymen and slip inside.

Her eyes opened wide in shock at the sudden pain. And a gasp escaped her mouth as I pushed another three inches inside her.

Pausing for a moment to let her get used to me being inside her. I began to play with her hard little clit with one hand. While the other crept up to her breasts and started to gently squeeze and rub them.

Slowly I began to move my cock inside the tight velvety sheath of her pussy, pulling and pushing gently. Going a little deeper with each thrust as I stretched her open.

I could see that there was some blood coating my cock. But it didn’t look much and I was confident that I hadn’t done her too much damage.

As I pushed deeper and deeper inside my little teen lover.

I continued to distract her by rubbing her clit and breasts. But suddenly I was overtaken by my own need. And grabbing her by the hips again. I slammed into her with all my might again and again.

Until I felt my cum boil up inside me and spurt from the end of my cock. In a feeling of release and euphoria that can only ever be achieved with a virgin.

Sated, I lay on top of her until I recovered enough to raise myself up. Looking down I saw that her pussy was leaking my cum. Tinged with pink from her virgin blood and the site of it turned me on again.

I pulled my little angel off the sofa and sat down, placing her between my legs.

“That was wonderful,” I told her. “Now all you have to do is clean me up with your mouth and I will let you go.”

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Raping a virgin teen
Raping a virgin teen

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