Forced sex

There is just something about the taboo of Forced sex that is so arousing. Now yes I am a Kitten that loves to serve and pleasure others. I willingly submit and sometimes I love to drive a man to lose control.  BUT sometimes I have an almost overwhelming need to force my desires on others.

I remember the thrill of being held down while I truly struggled to get away. Yet was forced to accept and do whatever was wanted. Sometimes I want to give that gift, that feeling to another lady or girl. I felt so helpless, fragile, and feminine. Looking back I loved it even the fighting and begging. I still beg at times.

I had a boy that I pegged he was my panty boy but that was his choice. With no coercion on my part, he brought me strap-on and pleaded so prettily. But then there are times when I want to force a man to be my fuck toy too. When I want to treat a man as I was to see if he would feel the same way. I want to bend him over and slam a huge cock deep into him as he begs.

I have thought what it would be like to force men and women into bisexual activities. Then I wonder how long before they became addicted forever to being treated as sex toys for my pleasure. I wonder how I could arrange play time or what I would need to capture someone. I wonder if I started with guided masturbation if I could trick someone into my power.

But then LOL I think can the world handle more people like me out there…

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