Does it count as “forced sex” if he got hard while doing it?

What counts as forced sex? I think helping wannabe cum dumpsters embrace their forced bi fantasies doesn’t count. But hey, it’s YOUR fetish, you fucking pervert!!

Face it, bitch: if your cock is hard, you want it. Keep telling yourself that if you want a woman watching you suck a cock it makes you less of a faggot. Tell yourself whatever you have to . . . and if you need even MORE encouragement, well, that’s where come in.

For some reason, it seems men do need more encouragement “experimenting” with bisexuality. I think it’s perfectly natural. And although I certainly didn’t need a man there encouraging me to kiss another woman for the first time (I already knew I liked it), I am MORE than happy to help you explore your taboo phone sex desires.

Do not worry, if you need some extra “warm-up,” you can practice sucking cock during our strapon phone sex session. I can’t wait to fuck your face silly (and if you’re into it, your other fuckhole too) in preparation for your big debut. I am just as adept at wielding a big dick as any “real” man (if not more so), but there’s a special kind of humiliation that only cums from watching you try to choke down another ACTUAL man’s dick.

Need more motivation? I’m not afraid to blackmail you, you know. I bet your wife wouldn’t enjoy the photographic evidence of your little cock sucking performance as much as you’re enjoying feeling it reach the back of your starved slut throat.

We both know you’re hungry for dick. Stop fucking around and pick up the phone now!! I’m right here, waiting to help you live out your kinky forced sex fantasy . . .

Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke