Lesson to be Learned: Don’t Touch Me When I’m Angry

As we are driving down the long, country road, my boyfriend’s hand keeps sliding up my thigh. I can clearly see the bulge in his pants growing as his fingertips move closer to my pussy. He knows better than to touch me when I’m mad at him. When his fingers brush against the lace of my panties, I still don’t push him away. It isn’t until he touches my clit that an evil idea ignites in my mind. If he wants to cum so badly, I will make him cum through forced public masturbation.

I let him start to rub me through my thin lace panties. A smile grows on his face as I lean into his hand and start to moan out his name. No part of him suspects that his girlfriend has such humiliating plans for him. Then, I leaned over the center console and started to kiss on his neck. My tongue flicked the bottom of his ears and my hands started to rub up his thighs. Then, I whispered into his ear, “Baby, pull over. I want to get in the back seat and have crazy hot car sex right now!”

Crazy Hot Car Sex

Immediately, the car pulls over and parks. It’s only the two of us on this rural road and there is very little chance that we will be caught. My horny boyfriend is willing to take the risk and I am ready to trick him into my forced public masturbation trap. Then, I hop into the back seat. My boyfriend watches in excitement as I start to slide my panties down my thighs and then toss them into his lap. He quickly crawls over the seats and joins me in the back. He quickly undoes his pants and thrusts his jeans and boxers down to the floor. 

When he climbs on top of me, I curl my toes around the door handle behind him. He holds his cock tight as he pushes my legs apart to guide it inside of me. To be even more of a bitchy blonde girlfriend, I let him just barely pop the head of his cock inside. Just as he is about to push further, my toes open the car door and I push my naked boyfriend out! Quickly, I pull the door shut, reach into the front, and lock him out. Then, I crawl into the driver’s seat where I put on my panties and crack the window to fill my boyfriend in on his forced public masturbation.

Forced Public Masturbation 

“Did you really think I wanted to have sex with you right now? I’m still mad at you! Since you want to cum so badly, jack off and I’ll let you come back inside the car.”

At first, my boyfriend scoffed at me and tried to open the locked doors. Finally, he realized that I was very serious and he was going to have to masturbate if he wanted to get back in. Then he said, 

“But.. what if someone sees me?”

I let out an evil laugh and told him, “I guess you better make it quick then. Here, I’ll help. You have 2 minutes to cum before I start this car and make you walk to the gas station to meet me. Time starts now!”

He now understands that I am not lying and starts to jack off very aggressively. I sit back in my seat and laugh as I watch the time tick by and my boyfriend desperately tries to shoot his load. It comes down to the final 30 seconds and I warn him that his time is coming close. As we get down to 10, I begin to count.

“You better cum! You have 10 seconds! 10…9…8…. Hurry up, Baby! 6…5…4…”

And then he exploded. My boyfriend’s cock erupted like a volcano and he ran to the passenger door just as fast. I unlocked it and watched him struggle to put his clothes back on. I bet he won’t try to fuck the anger out of me after his forced public masturbation!

Sweet Phone Sex!